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Eric Wall is the crypto lead at Cinnober, a company that develops real-time clearing technology for trading venues and clearinghouses.

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Bittorrent is a token built on the Tron network that aims to decentralize the peer-to-peer filesharing protocol application Bittorrent. Bittorrent was acquired by the Tron foundation in 2018..

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Bittorrent Token reviews by Eric Wall

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    TRX & BTT's primary use case is a public crowdfunded marketing campaign to get Justin Sun's face on as many things as possible and next to as many famous people as possible.

    2019-06-03 | Full Review

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    Honestly, I never had doubts that BTT would be able to handle its capacity requirements. I find it ridiculous that you even need to use a private sidechain for BTT and can't use the Tron DPoS mainchain (when it's marketed as something that could "decentralize the entire web")....

    So why latch this BTT sidechain on to Tron and not something actually useful? How about using something that isn't mostly just an unpatched fork of the buggy EthereumJ implementation (without even giving proper open-source license attribution)?

    How about latching on to a mainchain where the development isn't being copied, stolen, half-assedly thrown together into what essentially is already a private blockchain, and where it perhaps *isn't* led by a technologically illiterate narcissistic deceptive egomaniac?

    2019-01-14 | Full Review

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A *Byzantine* *fault* *tolerant* consensus system's whole purpose is to be designed to handle ANY error or malicious behavior from a subset of the nodes and still reach consensus. In NEO, their system couldn't handle the most simple error of one node.

2018-03-04 | Full Review


IOTA in its current form does not provide any censorship resistance, since the path of the tree is centrally directed through a Coordinator node run by the IOTA Foundation. As such, IOTA is no more decentralized than an Apache Kafka cluster, or Ripple and their Unique Node List.

2017-06-14 | Full Review


EOS is a necessary experiment with decent performance, semi-centralization and invisible fees.

2018-08-13 | Full Review

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BitTorrent is an open-source P2P software client that does not use a token in any way, shape, or form. $BTT is a coin made by Tron to finance its own marketing budget.

2019-02-16 | Full Review

The BitTorrent token won't be on a public blockchain like Bitcoin. It's a permissioned token (you need to be a BitTorrent user) on a private network owned by Justin Sun. The "decentralized net" stuff is pure marketing hype.

2019-01-05 | Full Review

Tron Foundation’s TRX is pumping because it will allow people to claim BitTorrent-coin (BTT).

Though, per tweets like Bram’s & other whispers, Tron is just shilling BitTorrent’s brand, while talent bleeds & workability of BTT is an afterthought.

2019-01-22 | Full Review

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