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Joseph Young

Joseph Young is an analyst and journalist who has contributed to Bitcoin Magazine, CCN, NewsBTC, and Cointelegraph.

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  • Joseph Young on Steem Financial Analyst and Journalist

    I still can't believe people fell for the Steem Ponzi scheme. Myopic users thought they'd receive $4000 / blog post.

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  • Joseph Young on Dentacoin Financial Analyst and Journalist

    Dentacoin went from over a billion dollars to less than $80 million.

    Before you harp on about the market going down, just think about the valuations of projects prior to the correction. Dentacoin $1 billion and Tron $16 billion.

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  • Joseph Young on Bitcoin Financial Analyst and Journalist

    I received $1,000 this week from a friend. PayPal shows $955 as withdrawable amount.

    $45 fee for a $1,000 payment, while Bitcoin processes $194 million with $0.1

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  • Joseph Young on Binance Coin Financial Analyst and Journalist

    There are many crypto exchanges, fiat on-ramps and OTC platforms.

    What crypto severely lacks is merchant adoption. Glad (and somewhat relieved) to see projects increasing merchant adoption of crypto.

    Users can book 450,000 hotels with BNB.

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