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Su Zhu is a founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital, a Singapore-based hedge fund. He was formerly a trader at Deutsche Bank.

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  • Su Zhu on Unus Sed Leo Founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital

    Exchange tokens BNB [and] LEO have a historical precedent in the form of Membership Seats of futures exchanges. These seats give the holder the right to trade on the exchange at discounted fees.

    Nymex (where oil is traded) seats went from $10k to $10mill (1000x) from 1971 to 2008.

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  • Su Zhu on Algorand Founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital

    Algo is an IQ test and top-buyers thinking this would be a listing-pump failed it in flying colors.

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  • Su Zhu on Bitcoin Founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital

    I'm fascinated by this idea of Bitcoin as a tokenized sharpe ratio. Returns will continue to be high as long as volatility is high. The more volatility holders endure, the higher prices they demand as compensation.

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  • Su Zhu on Dai Founder and CEO of Three Arrows Capital

    [T]oo much attention was focused initially on analyzing if Maker is a house of cards and Dai would hold the peg. The reality is it has survived a 90%+ decline in collateral value. This comes from a misunderstanding of the basic value proposition of Maker and Dai. It is not to create a scalable, censorship-resistant stablecoin. It is to be able to generate censorship resistant stability for anyone holding a volatile censorship resistant asset.

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