Keysheet is a list of curated opinions from trusted experts on cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets.

There's a lot of noise around crypto, from sensationalized media reports to individuals “shilling” coins on Twitter for profit. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like represent a seismic technological advancement, but it's really hard to tell which projects actually have legs to stand on.

Our goal is to help you sift through the noise by aggregating the most thoughtful opinions from the experts that matter.

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What is the Keymeter?

Modeled off Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer, our Keymeter calculates a score for each coin based on how many positive and negative reviews it has. A coin is marked with a 🔑 if it has >= 60% positive reviews. It's marked with a 💩 if it has less than < 60% positive reviews.

What coins are included and why?

With Keysheet, we include coins that reflect the experimentation happening in crypto. We want to provide a sample size of the space, from full-fledged cryptocurrencies to token-based projects.

Coins that we list are either:

  • Best-in-class projects in the space
  • Express an alternative viewpoint (i.e. centralization vs. decentralization)
  • Provoke curiosity

If you think a coin should be listed and it's not, you can suggest a coin here!

What's a “review”?

On Keysheet, a review is an endorsement or a detraction of a specific coin from a trustworthy figure in the cryptocurrency community. Reviews are sourced from Tweets, blog posts, and other online outlets such as Reddit. Reviews are chosen on the basis that they discuss the underlying merit of a project or a team, rather than speculating on price.

The most important criteria for a reviews is that they express thoughtful, high-quality opinions.

What experts are included and why?

Our top priority for Keysheet is to source high-quality reviews, which makes selecting trustworthy experts really important.

Experts are included on the basis that they meet one more of the following criteria:

  • They directly contribute to a top project in the space.
  • They're an established and well-respected voice in the community, with a track record of providing valuable commentary.

We don't support a specific interest group or another in crypto, from Bitcoin maximalists to Altcoin diehards. While there are a ton of different factions in crypto, we do our best to make sure that the whole spectrum of viewpoints is represented in Keysheet.

That being said, the most important criteria for including a expert is the quality of their opinions.