Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi wallet is an open-source privacy-focused wallet for Bitcoin., which allows you to perform CoinJoin over Tor.

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  • Francis Pouliot on Wasabi Wallet CEO of Satoshi Portal

    Wasabi Wallet + Hardware Wallet + Bitcoin Full node: The user experience is very seamless. It probably looks really weird to a beginner, but nothing a good clear set of instructions can't overcome. IMO still "easier" than setting up a router. How far we've come...

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  • Francis Pouliot on Wasabi Wallet CEO of Satoshi Portal

    The most reliable way [to coinjoin] is to use wasabi wallet.

    The coinjoin fees depend on your wasabi wallet settings. As a general rule of thumb it should be to set the anonimity set at 20 which would give you fees at around 0.06%

    The fee is 0.003% * anonimity set

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  • Arjun Balaji on Wasabi Wallet Founder of Shomei Capital

    Complete privacy at the base layer is a significant risk to the audibility of the money supply (see recent Zcash bug).

    β€œGood enough” txn fungibility at the base layer + off-chain (L2, tooling like Wasabi) privacy is something we should strive to work on.

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  • Matt Odell on Wasabi Wallet Co-founder of CoinPrices

    Haven't tried Wasabi Wallet yet? Stop waiting and take back your privacy today.

    Bitcoin transactions can be easily tracked. Wasabi helps you break that trail by mixing your transactions with others. The more people who use it, the better it gets.

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  • Eric Wall on Wasabi Wallet Head of Research at Arcane Crypto

    Wasabi Wallet is a great wallet, but despite that, it isn't super practical to CoinJoin. To CoinJoin with Wasabi, you need to have a minimum amount of coins (0.1 BTC = >$800). It will also cost you a fee (~0.15%).

    CoinJoin mixing is also not perfect. While it's good at breaking the links between the source of funds' and their next destination, it is not un-often possible to figure out which funds were submitted by the same CoinJoin participant via "CoinJoin sudoku".

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