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Ethereum is a Turing-Complete cryptocurrency that serves as a platform for programmable smart contracts.

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I have often said that Ethereum is doing it right throughout the DAO fork, and Bitcoin devs, with their fetishistic dependence on "the longest chain," their inability to change ancient code, and their obvious conflicts of interest, are on weak ground.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Agree — Ethereum works vs. those shitty/centralized systems. Though multichained DApps will be a reality, probably as soon as 2018/2019, I think that's a different convo.

2018-03-24 | Full Review


Ethereum is sucking the wind out of every other coin's sales.

2018-01-09 | Full Review


Only four applications have more than 500 daily active users. Ethereum's supposed use case of "decentralized applications" is clearly not where the usage is coming from — and yet blocks are still nearly full.

2018-05-30 | Full Review


The investment case for Ethereum (ETH) is that it will become the most liquid token in a digital economy built atop a Turing-complete decentralized computer that can execute smart contracts.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


Nice to see that Ethereum devs are taking the social costs of blockchain seriously. I would like to see Bitcoin devs do so, too.

2018-05-02 | Full Review


Ethereum’s momentum and lead are real and distance other ecosystems by orders of magnitude, but even that sheer momentum cannot, on its own, pull the industry forward.

2018-10-28 | Full Review


We agree that Ethereum was poorly designed to support practical use cases.

2018-10-23 | Full Review


Ethereum is an idiotic, unscalable idea that has neither delivered on its “world computer” promise, created any useful decentralized apps with any real use, nor created a robust and scalable decentralized system.

2018-11-03 | Full Review


Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ethereum is that it has both a strong community and a very aggressive product vision.

That may be the winning combo.

2018-11-06 | Full Review


Ethereum has enormous developer interest and the second-largest market cap. It also has characteristics that could make it a good payment network. At a minimum, Ethereum is a likely "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold" status. There are some scenarios where Bitcoin collapses and Ethereum takes over as primary value store.

2017-12-11 | Full Review


“Rather than pay a big company to run your app, Ethereum lets you host it on thousands of computers around the world."

1. You can pay multiple big companies to have a multicloud deployment strategy.
2. It is more expensive and less scalable to use Ethereum to host your app.

2018-11-18 | Full Review


It’s pretty amazing that we’re seeing bugs only in "third-party code" and not flaws in core elements of the Ethereum protocols and clients. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

2017-11-08 | Full Review


With Ethereum's monetary policy, there's literally nothing to have confidence in or not. . . . There isn't even a concrete long-term plan. With Bitcoin, there's a powerful status quo Schelling point; not certain, but powerful.

Ari Paul, Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

2018-11-30 | Full Review


I would be so much more comfortable believing that the Ethereum universe was the future if there were at least one or two big winners, or just winners at all. Even in the tech bubble, there were winners amongst the thousands of losers.

There are no winners yet.

2018-11-21 | Full Review


The most powerful reason for the crash in Ethereum (ETH) is that the ICO market is now largely dead (it being apparent that almost all ICOs were complete scams), and those that did raise capital are trying to liquidate their ETH before their product runway vanishes before their eyes.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


Ethereum is currently running laps around every other cryptocurrency in terms of protocol and ecosystem development — and it's not even close.

2018-12-04 | Full Review


Ethereum is between a rock and a hard place.

It isn’t as good at being SoV / Sound Money as BTC, and it is likely not going to be as smooth / cheap / frictionless at being a DApp platform as more centralized platforms like EOS.

2018-06-21 | Full Review


Ethereum faces a strong headwind not only from th[e] change in sentiment [on ICOs] but also from relatively costly and slow on-chain computation. The bull case for Ethereum is that sometime in 2018 we will see a couple of Ethereum-based projects launch successfully and get broad adoption *AND* progress is made on Ethereum scaling (either directly or through projects such as Raiden or Plasma). The bear case is that at least one or possibly both of these don’t happen.

2017-10-30 | Full Review


Ethereum makes it so simple to issue these tokens that they are the first example in the Ethereum tutorial! Nevertheless, the ease with which Ethereum-based tokens can be created does not mean they are inherently useless. Often these tokens are a sort of public IOU intended for redemption in a future new chain, or some other digital good.

2017-05-27 | Full Review


If Infura goes down (or is shut down), the Ethereum network will grind to a halt.

Running an Ethereum node is expensive, so many (most?) companies/DApps have chosen to outsource that responsibility to Infura rather than run one themselves.

2018-07-26 | Full Review


Ethereum's problem — and [decentralized finance's] problem — is that absent traditional, legal means of taking security, all secured transactions have to be 100% cash collateralized (or more, in the case of e.g. Dai), which is hugely inefficient from a cost-of-capital standpoint.

2019-01-19 | Full Review


Ethereum was the first thing to me to come along [after Bitcoin] and create something with capabilities so new that it was worth adding [to Coinbase]. Allowing arbitrary programs is amazing, fiddling with block time/inflation rate is not.

[T]he future is thousands/millions of cryptoassets like we have millions of apps and websites but very few base networks. This mostly looks like assets being built on top of Ethereum at the moment.

Fred Ehrsam, Board of Directors at Coinbase, Previous Co-Founder of Coinbase

2016-07-22 | Full Review


Computational scalability and a governance model that violates immutability are both huge problems for Ethereum. That and the finance/crypto culture gap are why Turing-complete smart contracts have not yet gained traction.

Nick Szabo, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer

2018-08-18 | Full Review


I was adamantly against the DAO hard fork for this moral hazard reason [of having previously hard forked to resolve a hack]. Ethereum is no longer unstoppable code as advertised on their website. How much in $/% is enough to do a [hard fork]? And who gets to decide? No longer uncensorable payments.

2017-11-07 | Full Review


[T]he best story behind Ethereum is all of the creative experiments being built on top of it. The cases of DAI, MANA and ZEP are worth following closely. Unlike Bitcoin conservatives, Ethereum’s community is more welcoming to new ideas.

2019-01-05 | Full Review


Ethereum is a prototype for VM blockchains. If they mess up their implementation, the world will simply pivot to competing VM smart contract platforms, [but] the demand won't go away. My interest is in smart contract platforms. Ethereum is the most interesting today.

2019-01-21 | Full Review


[Vitalik Buterin] is both a genius and a class act. That’s why I sold a portion of my BTC for Ethereum in addition to lots of Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver, Angel Investor and Bitcoin Investor

2017-11-12 | Full Review


Ethereum processes more transactions [than Bitcoin]. Has lower fees. And more p2p nodes. . . . [M]ore scale means more decentralization.

2017-12-13 | Full Review


[A] huge issue that Ethereum has is with scaling. By putting “everything on the blockchain” (which stores everything forever) and dubbing it “the world computer,” you are going to end up with a very slow and clogged-up system.

By now the Ethereum bloat is so bad that cheaply running an individual node is practically impossible for a lay person. ETH developers are also imploring people to not deploy more smart contract apps on its blockchain. As a result, and despite the claims that running a node in “warp” mode is easy and as good as a full node, Ethereum is becoming increasingly centralized. . . .

In my view, Ethereum is the Yahoo of our day — an unscalable “blue chip” cryptocurrency.

2018-12-28 | Full Review


It’s not just [Vitalik Buterin's] opinion that caused ETH > ETC [after the DAO fork]. I wanted to support ETH regardless, and I think the fork let the market decide which is better. . . . [T]oo much blame [was placed] on Vitalik. He mostly just conveyed the consensus around him.

2018-04-06 | Full Review


Ethereum has been injected with a lot of money, talent, [and] good risk over the last 2 years, which has vastly improved its quality. But it is still a nonsense premise and, as an investment, no one has addressed [the] main problem of Bitcoin imitation, either through soft fork or sidechain.

2018-01-08 | Full Review


I want the DAO attacker to keep my ether. Self-enforcing contracts are supposed to turn us into sovereign individuals. That means we accept the consequences of our actions, not escape to some alternate reality.

And even if the current reality is totally unacceptable, why on earth would we create an alternative [in ETH] that rewards people for stupidity??

Elaine Ou, Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access

2016-07-18 | Full Review


Bitcoin took off because it preached Ideology. Ethereum took off because it preached Practicality.

The fallacy is in thinking one is RIGHT and the other is WRONG. A new social construct needs BOTH.

2019-01-21 | Full Review


Stripe was so great because it was way simpler than PayPal for developers to integrate, but Ethereum is simpler than Stripe even.

If you want your hackathon project to take payments, Ether is simpler than dealing with credit cards, PCI compliance, charge-backs, etc.

2017-02-28 | Full Review


Several banks have had the engineers sitting in their "innovation labs" play with Ethereum (cursing the whole way, might I add) in order to justify investment in a blockchain-based solution. Ethereum forks are quick and easy to spin up a quick POC, but I don't think anyone actually intends to build anything off of the EVM.

Breaking into actual production use requires better engineering infrastructure than the EVM provides. . . . Talk to senior employees at banks in areas that materially impact their P&L and you'll find very few people who would be impressed by the EVM. Barclays' financial contract representation is built in Haskell, not Javascript :-P

2016-11-26 | Full Review


When it comes to Ethereum, I’m increasingly convinced that stickiness may be accentuated by developer adoption. . . . [W]hile “faster,” “more scalable” blockchains exist, I’m not seeing meaningful developer adoption.

It’s yet to be seen whether interoperability and time lead to Ethereum’s diminished dominance as the smart-contract chain, but right now it owns tokenization and dapps. Winning either of those categories makes ETH a good long-term bet for the same reason BTC is the “SOV chain.”

2018-12-13 | Full Review


Ethereum is trashed more than any currency, and yet no currency is more necessary and central due to its smart contract platform that is used by more than 50% of all new altcoins. It's like everyone values water, but not the containers it is carried in.

John McAfee, Software developer, founder of McAfee, CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc.

2018-03-29 | Full Review


Ethereum would have been better off supporting applications that were banned from web 2.0 rather than trying to be "web 3.0."

2019-02-11 | Full Review


If decentralized apps become the dominant use of cryptocurrency, Ethereum has two main moats: 1) API moat for developer ecosystem and 2) end-user moat around use of Toshi/MetaMask wallets. All would-be challengers will need to overcome those two early advantages.

Garry Tan, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Initiaized

2018-01-07 | Full Review


Saying ETH has network effects is like saying Linux distro Slackware and Debian have network effect. Still used but not as relevant. It’s the last smart contract platform that wins. Network effects are highly misused.

2019-02-14 | Full Review


The big development since the emergence of Bitcoin itself is that the underlying enabling technology, the blockchain, has been turned into a developer platform. The leading platform is called Ethereum. It's a platform for creating new kinds of decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies (or "tokens" or "coins"). It's also created a new funding source for this innovation in the form of initial coin offerings (ICOs). So we have all the ingredients necessary for a whole new wave of innovation.

For those of us who lived through the dot-com era, this feels reminiscent. You have some of the same speculative excess and random enrichment. But you can also feel that something revolutionary is happening. Money is being made programmable. That's a fundamental change with implications we can still barely see.

2017-08-14 | Full Review


PayPal helped bring money into a digital age by creating a digital front-end for legacy infrastructure but PayPal didnt create new infrastructure. Bitcoin and Ethereum *are* new financial infrastructure: Digital infrastructure for a digital era.

“Time-locked” and “multi-sig” transactions are two early examples of advanced functionality that is possible with programmable assets. They replace hours of legal time and cost with a couple lines of code.

Programmable money is finally here.

2017-09-26 | Full Review


Ethereum is worth over $100B and liquid, four years after founding.

2018-02-28 | Full Review


Blockchain networks like Ethereum have a radical new business model. It is not to take some piece of the action or sell ads to generate revenue—it’s to issue coins or tokens and have the network hopefully grow in popularity. If the tokens are well designed, they will grow in value along with the network.

2018-09-10 | Full Review


Ethereum . . . confounds me. It has shown the way to so many important things; smart contracts, programmable trust-free computing, potentially proof of stake, and a lot more. But it remains hard to build on, scaling issues abound, and many developers are looking elsewhere.

2019-09-04 | Full Review


Are you convinced that all Ethereum research is a scam? Offer me your sharpest criticism of ZK Sync. This construct here is phenomenal. From what I can tell, it is what sidechains were supposed to be, but better: offchain, trust-minimized, scalable, final.....

I actually think Ethereum should scrap sharding and focus on these types of solutions instead. Sharding is a hot mess. This thing is clean, elegant. Less confusing to reason about. I even think it can help scale bitcoin, I look forward to paying with tBTC-like things in ZK Sync.

It's bleeding-edge cryptography that enables this thing, and it still sits on Ethereum and inherits its issues, so those are reasons to be bearish on this, I guess. But can you come up with any other criticism? This is neat regardless. You could build it on any expressive chain.

2019-12-09 | Full Review

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