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Eric Wall is the crypto lead at Cinnober, a company that develops real-time clearing technology for trading venues and clearinghouses.

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A *Byzantine* *fault* *tolerant* consensus system's whole purpose is to be designed to handle ANY error or malicious behavior from a subset of the nodes and still reach consensus. In NEO, their system couldn't handle the most simple error of one node.

2018-03-04 | Full Review


IOTA in its current form does not provide any censorship resistance, since the path of the tree is centrally directed through a Coordinator node run by the IOTA Foundation. As such, IOTA is no more decentralized than an Apache Kafka cluster, or Ripple and their Unique Node List.

2017-06-14 | Full Review


EOS is a necessary experiment with decent performance, semi-centralization and invisible fees.

2018-08-13 | Full Review


I follow DLT projects where the people working on solutions are honest and transparent. IOTA is not only non-functional, but also opaque and deceitful, sometimes outright malicious, and its community is either dumb or toxic. Therefore I will give up on IOTA in particular.

2018-07-13 | Full Review


I am not convinced by Cardano's base-layer security. AFAIK, it's non-slashing PoS (slashing appears to be not decided on yet but unlikely?). I'd be very curious to learn how this doesn't introduce an array of trust assumptions and attack vectors.

2018-10-07 | Full Review

PoW is only secure if an attacker can't conceivably amass 51% hashrate. BCH was *never* secure. This hashwar drama is just a symptom of the broader underlying problem. Reorg protections can't fix it. In reality, BCH's best bet is a hash function change or even a switch to PoS.

2018-11-23 | Full Review


The power of miners is very limited. Try to stop your central bank from diluting your currency by doubling the money supply in the next 30 years. Impossible. Now try doing it in bitcoin. Easy: just run a full node. We'll run them together. It'll work. That's how we got here.

2018-11-19 | Full Review