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Matt Odell is the co-founder of CoinPrices, a site that delivers news and analysis on cryptocurrencies.


Nano is a cryptocurrency focused on fast transactions, no fees, and scalability.

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  • 2018
  • Matt Odell on Nano Co-founder of CoinPrices

    The incentives seem broken. If Nano is successful, then the representative nodes are going to cost a lot of $$ to run, and they don't get paid. As a result, I think the network will remain centralized.

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  • Matt Odell on Nano Co-founder of CoinPrices

    Nano representatives (nodes) [pay Nano's transaction costs]. Each transaction increases their operating costs. This should lead to greater centralization over time (Nano is already very centralized) since costs to run a representative node will continue to go up as more people use Nano.

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