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Matt Odell is the co-founder of CoinPrices, a site that delivers news and analysis on cryptocurrencies.

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Nano is a cryptocurrency focused on fast transactions, no fees, and scalability.

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    The incentives seem broken. If Nano is successful, then the representative nodes are going to cost a lot of $$ to run, and they don't get paid. As a result, I think the network will remain centralized.

    2018-06-12 | Full Review

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    Nano representatives (nodes) [pay Nano's transaction costs]. Each transaction increases their operating costs. This should lead to greater centralization over time (Nano is already very centralized) since costs to run a representative node will continue to go up as more people use Nano.

    2018-04-30 | Full Review

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By flagging/freezing the stolen funds, the NEM Foundation has proven what many of us have suspected for awhile now: NEM is way more centralized than it appears at first glance.

With so much control over the network, the NEM Foundation is now a target for regulators.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


some chains are setup in a way that either intentionally or indirectly create an incentive to game the gini coefficient.

Mostly PoS & MN chains. Dash for instance requires you to split up funds in 1000 dash chunks to run MNs. Makes rich list look way more distributed.

2018-09-28 | Full Review


Stellar famously brags about distributing 20% of Stellar to Bitcoin holders but required us to tie our Bitcoin addresses to our identities to claim them. They also blocked all U.S. users from participating through a FB-based KYC method, if I recall correctly. Stellar is a joke.

*yawn* Stellar is a joke.

2018-11-06 | Full Review

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One thing I find interesting about these "next-gen" and "scalable" blockchains is that although they've been released, transaction volume is scarily low. For instance, #Nano is processing a whopping 0.2 transactions per second currently.

Jackson Palmer, Group Product Manager at Adobe and Creator of Dogecoin

2018-06-17 | Full Review


I took a look at Nano currency recently. Pretty neat. Every account has its own blockchain. It focuses on fast and free transactions for payments. Uses PoS for double-spend protection and PoW to fight spam. The challenge is to keep it decentralized.

2018-02-28 | Full Review


Nano/RaiBlocks is pretty interesting. The big issue they face is figuring out a way to deal with spam attacks that doesn't result in a massive network slowdown or a de facto reversion to being purely PoS.

2018-03-01 | Full Review

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