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Matt Odell is the co-founder of CoinPrices, a site that delivers news and analysis on cryptocurrencies.

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USD Coin is a dollar backed stable coin created by Circle and CENTRE open source consortium—which includes Coinbase.


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    I don't think USDC will implode. I just don't think it is very useful. It's mostly just a marketing gimmick.

    2018-05-21 | Full Review

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    Goldman-backed stablecoin USD Coin is being marketed as a compliant version of Tether, but the whole value proposition of Tether is so exchanges that can't get banking relationships can offer 'fiat' pairs... Those exchanges won't be able to trade USD Coin either...

    2018-05-15 | Full Review

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The incentives seem broken. If Nano is successful, then the representative nodes are going to cost a lot of $$ to run, and they don't get paid. As a result, I think the network will remain centralized.

2018-06-12 | Full Review

By flagging/freezing the stolen funds, the NEM Foundation has proven what many of us have suspected for awhile now: NEM is way more centralized than it appears at first glance.

With so much control over the network, the NEM Foundation is now a target for regulators.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


some chains are setup in a way that either intentionally or indirectly create an incentive to game the gini coefficient.

Mostly PoS & MN chains. Dash for instance requires you to split up funds in 1000 dash chunks to run MNs. Makes rich list look way more distributed.

2018-09-28 | Full Review

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Coinbase is supporting USDC.

This is going to be the on-ramp that enables millions of people to interact with Dapps without taking on balance sheet risk.

2018-10-23 | Full Review


Everyone seems to think that Tether's main problem is whether it's 100% backed...but it's main problem is that it's centralized. And GUSD and USDC are just Tether 2.0.

2018-09-26 | Full Review


Frankly, to this day, I feel 10x more comfortable holding USDC or GUSD than the Dai, because I trust the operational excellence of Coinbase and Gemini.

2018-12-30 | Full Review

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