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Michael Arrington is a partner at Arrington XRP Capital, a fund focused on blockchain markets. He's previously the founder and former editor of TechCrunch.

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XRP is a cryptocurrency designed by the company Ripple Labs in 2012. XRP wants to enable secure, instant, and nearly free transactions between financial institutions.

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    Ripple is a legitimate company; they don’t pretend to be something they’re not, and they’re really good at one thing: moving money fast and cheap. It’s fantastic; it fills a big need for a hedge fund like us to be able to denominate in XRP.

    2018-09-27 | Full Review

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    I practiced corporate and securities law – and no, XRP is not a security. If Ripple the company went away tomorrow: 1. you guys would have nothing to talk about, and 2. (and more importantly) XRP would still exist and flourish. I would enjoy a (non-trollish) debate on this.

    2018-04-06 | Full Review

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Risk is something I’ve grown quite comfortable with as an investor, but I still get super nervous holding Tether for more than a few hours.

2018-10-18 | Full Review

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But the company is managing a “bridge currency” [XRP] that they package to retail investors who buy on the assumption that they are front-running big bank purchasers.

2018-04-05 | Full Review


Ripple is far from trust-minimized. As a result, it has high governance costs, including the disputes described here, and poor social scalability.

Nick Szabo, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer

2018-02-06 | Full Review


In the case of XRP, we believe that the token holds little utility beyond payment of negligible fees and thus is unlikely to maintain and build value in the long-term. While we expect that XRP tokens will continue to see price spikes as Ripple Inc. makes announcements, we don’t believe that the fundamentals of the protocol will build sustained value for XRP.

2017-08-31 | Full Review

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