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Murad Mahmudov

Murad Mahmudov works at Adaptive Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund with a focus on on-chain analytics. He formerly was an analyst at Goldman Sachs. In his free time, he writes about cryptocurrencies.


Decred is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency with a focus on on-chain governance. Decred holders have the ability to stake tokens, allowing them to vote on network upgrades.

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  • 2018
  • Murad Mahmudov on Decred Cyptocurrency at Adaptive Capital.

    The chances of Decred outcompeting Bitcoin are close to zero.

    Mob rule/the rule of the rich is not ideal for neo-gold.

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  • Murad Mahmudov on Decred Cyptocurrency at Adaptive Capital.

    I think Decred is among the top five projects in the space. Quality team. High cost of mounting the attack. An interesting experiment in governance. Iā€™m just not quite sure yet that on-chain governance is the way to go. For maximum social scalability, you want to automate as much as possible.

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