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Dan McArdle is a co-founder of Messari, an open data library around crypto-assets for researchers, investors, and regulators.


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Gemini Dollar is a dollar-backed stable coin issued by Gemini.


Gemini Dollar reviews by Dan McArdle

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    Governments that mismanage their currencies are often fond of censorship and confiscation . . . which just takes a phone call to Coinbase or Gemini re their citizens' USDC and GUSD holdings. Whereas DAI holders would be unaffected.

    2018-12-30 | Full Review

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    While I fully understand the near-term utility of things like GUSD and USDC for traders and smart contracts, I worry that their possible popularity exposes a nasty long-term risk.

    2018-09-26 | Full Review

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I think Bitcoin will scale to meet the demand for the types of uses that BTC is good for. And since LTC is a straight-up clone, there'll be no appropriate demand left over. There will certainly be demand for *other* uses, but unless LTC meaningfully differentiates, it won't benefit.

2018-06-14 | Full Review


Dash is not a "privacy-centric cryptocurrency"!!

It is a marketing-centric coin.

2018-05-19 | Full Review


Everyone seems to think that Tether's main problem was whether it's 100% backed...but it's main problem is that it's centralized. And GUSD and USDC are just Tether 2.0.

2018-09-26 | Full Review

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The Gemini dollar is the best argument against the BTC as a SoV thesis.

Bitcoiners like to point to Venezuela and Turkey as nations primed for hyper-bitcoinization.

The Gemini dollar enables easier hyper-dollarization, which, at least in the short term, is more attractive to many.

Also the Gemini Dollar is great for Ethereum adoption vs Bitcoin adoption.

2018-09-18 | Full Review


Major changes [to GUSD] such as issuing a lot of new GUSDs or changing the contract required both multisig and timelock. Very nice!

2018-10-26 | Full Review


Gemini has built a public, permissioned application that effectively hybridizes the separate approaches of the coins on the one hand, and the enterprise blockchain applications that have been developed on the other, to bring something to the marketplace that is unique and genuinely new.

2018-09-10 | Full Review

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