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  • Ryan Selkis on XRP Founder and CEO at Messari

    But the company is managing a “bridge currency” [XRP] that they package to retail investors who buy on the assumption that they are front-running big bank purchasers.

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  • Dan McArdle on Litecoin Co-founder of Messari

    I think Bitcoin will scale to meet the demand for the types of uses that BTC is good for. And since LTC is a straight-up clone, there'll be no appropriate demand left over. There will certainly be demand for *other* uses, but unless LTC meaningfully differentiates, it won't benefit.

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  • Ryan Selkis on NEO Founder and CEO at Messari

    NEO's "Ethereum but China" pitch reminds me of Litecoin's "Bitcoin but Scrypt" pitch in 2013. A long, dark winter followed.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Numerai Founder and CEO at Messari

    Super bullish on tokens that must be staked as part of ML tournaments, like proof-of-human-work. Aside from Numerai, who's doing it well?

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  • Qiao Wang on Dai Engineering at Messari

    Dai is backed by collateral (currently ethers). In fact, it is overcollateralized. The obvious risk is that if the collateral becomes worthless then Dai becomes worthless.

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  • Ryan Selkis on New Economy Movement Founder and CEO at Messari

    Seriously, what the fuck is NEM? I'm grabbing a beer.

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  • Ryan Selkis on 0x Founder and CEO at Messari

    0x just keeps shipping. One of the best in the industry at keeping the blinders on and building.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Golem Founder and CEO at Messari

    Very few token projects are producing or even planning to produce cash flow for holders. But CF doesn't preclude a token from being a utility: Filecoin, Golem, Numerai, etc., are utilities that should be CF+. Instead, we've written off revenue generation . . . just like the dot-bombs.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Bitcoin Cash Founder and CEO at Messari

    The more I'm reading and talking to people, the higher probability I assign to BCH beating BTC. Still an underdog, but I'm not convinced my assumptions about BTC having the economic majority are still correct.

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  • Dan McArdle on Dash Co-founder of Messari

    Dash is not a "privacy-centric cryptocurrency"!!

    It is a marketing-centric coin.

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  • Dan McArdle on Tether Co-founder of Messari

    Everyone seems to think that Tether's main problem was whether it's 100% backed...but it's main problem is that it's centralized. And GUSD and USDC are just Tether 2.0.

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  • Qiao Wang on Bitcoin Engineering at Messari

    Bitcoin’s strongest moat is that it’s the only leaderless cryptonetwork. . . Satoshi could leave right at the beginning because Bitcoin was already “good enough”. It was based on 30 years worth of work in cryptography and computational game theory. But all other cryptos aren’t “good enough” to overcome Bitcoin’s network effect and switching cost.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Monero Founder and CEO at Messari

    Most of my concerns with BTC since 2013 have been around fungibility.

    No one seems to care about the increasing sophistication of Bitcoin surveillance tools. The lack of attention there is why I'm overweight XMR.

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  • Dan McArdle on USD Coin Co-founder of Messari

    Everyone seems to think that Tether's main problem is whether it's 100% backed...but it's main problem is that it's centralized. And GUSD and USDC are just Tether 2.0.

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  • Qiao Wang on Tron Engineering at Messari

    You heard it here first: There’s no way to programmatically verify TRON’s monetary supply.

    Crypto people, instead of bashing people with genuinely good intentions focus your energy on real scams like TRON.

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  • Qiao Wang on USD Coin Engineering at Messari

    Frankly, to this day, I feel 10x more comfortable holding USDC or GUSD than the Dai, because I trust the operational excellence of Coinbase and Gemini.

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  • Dan McArdle on Gemini Dollar Co-founder of Messari

    Governments that mismanage their currencies are often fond of censorship and confiscation . . . which just takes a phone call to Coinbase or Gemini re their citizens' USDC and GUSD holdings. Whereas DAI holders would be unaffected.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Dai Founder and CEO at Messari

    Dai survived one of its most significant tests in 2018. “Can Dai survive a market crash?” Asked and answered. Dai survived the 94% drawdown in ETH, and the move from a single-collateral to multi-collateral model should accelerate its adoption in 2019.

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  • Qiao Wang on Grin Engineering at Messari

    I don’t see how Grin can win if it’s not differentiated enough from Monero (both tech and community). Open to be proven wrong.

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  • Dan McArdle on Digix Co-founder of Messari

    *Why* do people think on-chain assets can sensibly be "backed" by anything off-chain?! . . . I thought we were done debunking the "backing" nonsense 2 years ago. Sigh.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Zcash Founder and CEO at Messari

    Zcash is the second most important project in the industry to me, because it's the only one with close-to-perfect privacy embedded in the core protocol...something we need for both fungibility (for dissidents) and enterprise adoption (for customer privacy). Zcash is also a canary in the coal mine and the front lines for how crypto will be regulated on a global scale. If Zcash is restricted (as is possible in Japan, Korea, etc.), then I think privacy upgrades to BTC will become all but impossible. I'm thrilled Coin Center has been a major proponent of Zcash, and that there are some smart money, well-networked investors backing the project.

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  • Ryan Selkis on EOS Founder and CEO at Messari

    Most attempts to bribe developers and users with airdrops and developer grants will fail (many already are), and most attempts to recruit insiders to a cause with pre-sale discounts and the (diminishing allure) of token flips will bring dysfunction and gridlock to projects. We’re starting to see some teams come to
    terms with this reality...

    The EOS “cartel” has likely led to irreparable damage in that protocol’s reputation in developer circles (why build on infrastructure that will get hijacked by ruthless investors)....Eos is a disaster, and the worst fears surrounding its cartel seam to be materializing.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Telegram Open Network Founder and CEO at Messari

    Telegram's gonna figure [out TON] because it's about team, community, and ripping OS code that works. Wish I had gotten a piece. [Long term] hold.

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  • Qiao Wang on EOS Engineering at Messari

    Almost everyone in the West underestimates EOS, and I get a lot of shit from people whenever I say anything positive about EOS.

    But the fact is crypto is a global phenomenon, EOS ecosystem is mostly based in Asia, and people don't recognize the informational bubble they live in.

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  • Ryan Selkis on Ethereum Founder and CEO at Messari

    Only two crypto protocols have reached product market fit to date:

    BTC - censor resistant payment & SoV
    ETH - open finance (ICOs, DeFi apps)

    The next closest are:

    MKR - censor-resistant peg & credit
    BNB - discount/burn quasi-security
    LTC - a fast moving bitcoin test net

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