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Eric Wall is the head of research at Arcane Crypto, a cryptocurrency investment fund. He formerly was the crypto lead at Cinnober, a company that develops real-time clearing technology for trading venues and clearinghouses.


Kin is the native token of the popular messaging app Kik. Kik users can earn and spend Kin by using digital services in-app.

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  • 2019
  • Eric Wall on Kin Head of Research at Arcane Crypto

    It's like, you want Kin to be a cryptocurrency. But you don't want users or even the apps that they use Kin to use cryptocurrency nodes. If you don't have that, then there's no trust-minimization, no security and we're back at an in-app points system.

    It doesn't help the users of Kin that a couple of large stakeholders somewhere run Kin full nodes if no one is doing it on their behalf. If no one is doing that, it doesn't help them at all that there's a blockchain or that the blockchain is federated.

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  • Eric Wall on Kin Head of Research at Arcane Crypto

    The majority of "usage" of Kin is a bunch of kids accidentally clicking around in the Kik UI. Getting tokens for smashing your phone on your face on meaningless quizzes is not cryptocurrency adoption, it's just plain metric manipulation.

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