Kin is the native token of the popular messaging app Kik. Kik users can earn and spend Kin by using digital services in-app.

๐Ÿ’ฉ 25%

Reviews for Kin

  • Fred Wilson on Kin VC at Union Square Ventures

    We are also seeing signs that users like using crypto-assets in mobile and web apps. Kin, built by our portfolio company Kik, has become one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world.

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  • William Mougayar on Kin Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at JM3 Capital

    While many blockchain/token projects still havenโ€™t delivered what they promised, Kin has delivered a working blockchain, App developers integrations & a variety of use cases that are gaining traction with end-users, creating a real transactional economy of earn/spend activity.

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  • Matt Odell on Kin Co-founder of CoinPrices

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the whole purpose of Kin - since the beginning - was to be used as a test case for USV. It was a failing portfolio company anyway, may as well use it as cover for your other investments and possibly make some money along the way.

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  • Parker Thompson on Kin Partner at AngelList

    Today I saw an interesting interview with the Kik CEO, in which he explains Kik will be selling tokens in an ICO, and that this will allow them to return some capital to institutional investors. In effect, investors are getting the exit without selling equity & Kik Inc gets an influx of cash they can spend as they choose.

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  • Eric Wall on Kin Head of Research at Arcane Crypto

    It's like, you want Kin to be a cryptocurrency. But you don't want users or even the apps that they use Kin to use cryptocurrency nodes. If you don't have that, then there's no trust-minimization, no security and we're back at an in-app points system.

    It doesn't help the users of Kin that a couple of large stakeholders somewhere run Kin full nodes if no one is doing it on their behalf. If no one is doing that, it doesn't help them at all that there's a blockchain or that the blockchain is federated.

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Kin Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    [Kin is] catering to, and preying on, institutions that don't truly understand the space and likely have LP pressure to invest. It's much easier for them to get behind an investment with a CEO and a traditional user base. Kin was the first of this sort. I expect more to come

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  • Kyle Samani on Kin Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    Over the last few years, weโ€™ve seen messenger apps grow in scope a lot, led by WeChat. Much of the growth has been tying payments of all forms into chat. This is natural as much chat โ€”> commerce. Seems highly probable that weโ€™re not that far away from major messengers - WhatsApp, Telegram, etc - building payments natively.

    Kin is obviously first high profile example, but everything about Kin is wrong. The messenger that wants true adoption should implement using BTC, ETH, or stable coin directly. Those assets have much higher liquidity to fiats, which would really kickstart โ€œbanking the
    unbankedโ€ dream of crypto.

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