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Frances Coppola is a financial writer. Coppola has contributed to Forbes and the Financial Times, and blogs at Coppola Comment.

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Until the Bitcoin community ditches the cranks and adopts a sensible monetary policy that properly recognises both the need for savings to be intermediated into productive investment and the need for money to flow, Bitcoin cannot possibly operate as the anchor of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

2018-04-11 | Full Review


Nice to see that Ethereum devs are taking the social costs of blockchain seriously. I would like to see Bitcoin devs do so, too.

2018-05-02 | Full Review


DAI is interesting but I don't think they are quite there yet. I had a chat with one of their devs over coffee a couple of weeks ago. I said that as CDPs are essentially banks, they need to think a bit more about what makes banks stable (or unstable).

2018-05-30 | Full Review


There is no reason for XRP to exist other than to enrich the founders of Ripple.

2018-07-23 | Full Review

The BitTorrent token won't be on a public blockchain like Bitcoin. It's a permissioned token (you need to be a BitTorrent user) on a private network owned by Justin Sun. The "decentralized net" stuff is pure marketing hype.

2019-01-05 | Full Review