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Jae Kwon

Jae Kwon is the founder and CEO of Tendermint and the president of the Interchain Foundation, the foundation behind Cosmos. Jae previously co-founded iDoneThis and led mobile at Yelp.

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  • Jae Kwon on Bitcoin Founder and CEO of Tendermint

    Bitcoin currently chooses liveness [over safety], which is the worse choice of the two. After a network partition heals youโ€™ll likely end up with two forks and two groups that disagree about which chain should be called Bitcoin, or, it will shed a large fraction of people who finally โ€œget itโ€.

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  • Jae Kwon on Ethereum Founder and CEO of Tendermint

    Itโ€™s not just [Vitalik Buterin's] opinion that caused ETH > ETC [after the DAO fork]. I wanted to support ETH regardless, and I think the fork let the market decide which is better. . . . [T]oo much blame [was placed] on Vitalik. He mostly just conveyed the consensus around him.

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