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Jeremy Gardner is a co-founder and managing partner of Ausum Ventures, a venture fund focused on blockchain. He previously co-founded the Forecast Foundation, the non-profit behind decentralized prediction market Augur.

Forecast Foundation

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Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market. Augur's REP token is used for reporting and disputing the outcome of events. Reporters are rewarded for reporting correctly.

Augur reviews by Jeremy Gardner

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  • πŸ”‘

    [Augur] literally allows you to create a market for anything.

    Ever hear of derivatives (largest asset class in the world)? Augur allows anyone to create derivates contracts for anything instead of banks just creating contracts for toxic assets.

    2018-07-24 | Full Review

  • πŸ”‘

    Augur is still easily the most exciting decentralized application that I know of.

    2018-02-06 | Full Review

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Numerai is crushing it. Their Numeraire token (airdropped, not ico’d) dramatically increased the usage and quality of data sets for their stock market competitions.

2018-08-21 | Full Review


Everyone says β€œEthereum is dead,” but, someone, please show me another blockchain with meaningful developer adoption that has sovereign-grade censorship resistanance.

2018-11-20 | Full Review


Nothing about bitcoin needs to change for it to be successful.

Provable digital scarcity is one of the only working use cases for blockchain tech.

Bitcoin improves upon on the features that make gold valuable.

Gold is worth >$7 trillion.

Bitcoin, as is, will be worth more.

2018-07-20 | Full Review

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We believe decentralized prediction markets will reshape global finance markets and democratize finance in many respects. Augur presents the most compelling opportunity in the prediction market space.

2017-08-24 | Full Review


I love Augur & prediction markets broadly (they’re one of a few use cases that make sense IMO) but if the Augur team quit a year ago, would anyone be interested? The ICO years before launch? etc.

2018-06-14 | Full Review


If we assume an exponential growth in user base, our model shows an aggressive growth which is not unreasonable for a successful product and a much improved monthly expenditure. Still, the required turnover is measured in billions, which implies that in some sense Augur itself would have to grow larger than the current size of its parent platform, Ethereum.
Based on these findings, we lean toward the conclusion that Augur REP is probably overvalued at the moment.

2016-03-13 | Full Review

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