Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market. Augur's REP token is used for reporting and disputing the outcome of events. Reporters are rewarded for reporting correctly.

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Reviews for Augur

  • Myles Snider on Augur Research Associate at Multicoin Capital

    We believe decentralized prediction markets will reshape global finance markets and democratize finance in many respects. Augur presents the most compelling opportunity in the prediction market space.

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  • Jake Brukhman on Augur Co-founder of CoinFund

    If we assume an exponential growth in user base, our model shows an aggressive growth which is not unreasonable for a successful product and a much improved monthly expenditure. Still, the required turnover is measured in billions, which implies that in some sense Augur itself would have to grow larger than the current size of its parent platform, Ethereum.
    Based on these findings, we lean toward the conclusion that Augur REP is probably overvalued at the moment.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Augur Director of Research at Tierion

    Not that I mind other people trying, but there is extreme deception in Augur. Their "March 2018" whitepaper is basically just mine plus a bunch of bizarre decisions.

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  • Tushar Jain on Augur Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    Augur is building one of the “primitives“ of the new financial system. With Augur, you can construct any variety of financial instruments.

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  • Ari Paul on Augur Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital

    Augur and other oracles (and anything that requires complex smart contracts) has a very long road to being really usable. The only use cases ready for prime time are very simple: payment rails, digital collectibles, and soon tokenized real world assets.

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  • Nick Tomaino on Augur Founder at 1confirmation

    When product usage is growing despite a mediocre UX, it is typically a good idea to start paying attention if you're an entrepreneur or investor (see BTC over the past 9 yrs).

    It is still quite early, but feels like @augurproject is on to something

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  • Brendan Bernstein on Augur Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

    Heard a lot of claims that Augur will bring obscure bets online or obsolete bookies but many don’t realize that (1) most sport books have “obscure bets” if there’s demand and (2) bookies don’t hang in back alley ways anymore...

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