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Jeremy Gardner is a co-founder and managing partner of Ausum Ventures, a venture fund focused on blockchain. He previously co-founded the Forecast Foundation, the non-profit behind decentralized prediction market Augur.

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Ethereum is a Turing-Complete cryptocurrency that serves as a platform for programmable smart contracts.

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Ethereum reviews by Jeremy Gardner

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    When it comes to Ethereum, I’m increasingly convinced that stickiness may be accentuated by developer adoption. . . . [W]hile “faster,” “more scalable” blockchains exist, I’m not seeing meaningful developer adoption.

    It’s yet to be seen whether interoperability and time lead to Ethereum’s diminished dominance as the smart-contract chain, but right now it owns tokenization and dapps. Winning either of those categories makes ETH a good long-term bet for the same reason BTC is the “SOV chain.”

    2018-12-13 | Full Review

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    Everyone says “Ethereum is dead,” but, someone, please show me another blockchain with meaningful developer adoption that has sovereign-grade censorship resistanance.

    2018-11-20 | Full Review

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Augur is still easily the most exciting decentralized application that I know of.

2018-02-06 | Full Review


Numerai is crushing it. Their Numeraire token (airdropped, not ico’d) dramatically increased the usage and quality of data sets for their stock market competitions.

2018-08-21 | Full Review


[Augur] literally allows you to create a market for anything.

Ever hear of derivatives (largest asset class in the world)? Augur allows anyone to create derivates contracts for anything instead of banks just creating contracts for toxic assets.

2018-07-24 | Full Review

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The best venture investment of the last three years wasn't a venture deal. Ethereum — 750x, liquid, and open to all.

2017-06-02 | Full Review


I have often said that Ethereum is doing it right throughout the DAO fork, and Bitcoin devs, with their fetishistic dependence on "the longest chain," their inability to change ancient code, and their obvious conflicts of interest, are on weak ground.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Every 10-15 years, there’s a major new transition. . . . To me, Ethereum is the most important technology of the decade, for sure. I don’t even think it’s going to be questionable.

2018-04-19 | Full Review

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