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Kathleen Breitman is the co-founder of Tezos, a decentralized network focused on on-chain governance. She formerly worked in strategy at R3 CEV, Accenture and Bridgewater.

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  • Kathleen Breitman on Ethereum Co-founder of Tezos

    Several banks have had the engineers sitting in their "innovation labs" play with Ethereum (cursing the whole way, might I add) in order to justify investment in a blockchain-based solution. Ethereum forks are quick and easy to spin up a quick POC, but I don't think anyone actually intends to build anything off of the EVM.

    Breaking into actual production use requires better engineering infrastructure than the EVM provides. . . . Talk to senior employees at banks in areas that materially impact their P&L and you'll find very few people who would be impressed by the EVM. Barclays' financial contract representation is built in Haskell, not Javascript :-P

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