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Kyle Samani is a managing partner at Multicoin Capital, an investment firm focused on crypto. He previously co-founded Pristine, a company that build software for Google Glass.


0x is a protocol for decentralized exchange on Ethereum. 0x was founded by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali in 2016. The protocol facilitates exchanging Ethereum tokens without the need for centralized exchanges.

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  • 2019
  • Kyle Samani on 0x Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    Multicoin developed a thesis around decentralized exchanges in 2H 2017, culminating in a large ZRX position going into the launch of 0x-based exchanges

    Unfortunately, 0x-based DEX have not achieved meaningful market share. In our discussions with dozens of market makers, we learned that the biggest challenges are around fees to cancel orders, and lack of deterministic order execution.

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  • 2018
  • Kyle Samani on 0x Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

    0x protocol has a wide set of "customers", and the core 0x dev team does not have the resources to adequately support all of them concurrently (though this could theoretically change in the future)

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