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Cryptocurrency reviews from the executives, employees and alumni of Google

photo of cryptocurrency expert Vijay Boyapati
Vijay Boyapati

Senior Software Engineer at Peach Inc

photo of cryptocurrency expert Elad Gil
Elad Gil

Entrepreneur and Investor

photo of cryptocurrency expert Charlie Lee
Charlie Lee

Creator of Litecoin

Reviews by Google people

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In the crypto world, Bitcoin is perceived as slow to change, clunky technologically, and as having bad governance. While all these things may be true, Bitcoin has strong network effects that will maintain its status as the primary value store in the short to medium term.

2017-12-11 | Full Review


I like Stellar better than Ripple. Both are more centralized than PoW coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin. I don't think it's a scam. :D

2018-01-29 | Full Review


One of the few coins I'm excited about, with an innovative solution to decentralized governance. Decred is basically Dash done right. 😂 Consensus is more decentralized than Dash and is enforced.

2017-03-15 | Full Review


How did [Cardano] become a $10B coin when it's only 3 months old and the only major exchanges trading it is Bittrex and Binance and without even any fiat trading pairs?

Either the market is crazy or Cardano will end world hunger.

2017-12-16 | Full Review


I took a look at Nano currency recently. Pretty neat. Every account has its own blockchain. It focuses on fast and free transactions for payments. Uses PoS for double-spend protection and PoW to fight spam. The challenge is to keep it decentralized.

2018-02-28 | Full Review

To be honest, BCH can compete well against LTC to be Bitcoin's silver. But their arrogance wouldn't let settle for second. Their current strategy is winner take all against Bitcoin, and they will lose because of these reasons:

Perpetual onchain scaling destroys decentralization

2017-11-12 | Full Review


Verge mining is being exploited again. Someone has 51% attacked and taken over the Verge network again. Pornhub transactions are being reversed! 😂

2018-05-22 | Full Review

The fundamental flaw in Ver and Jihan Wu's economic vision is that they assume that money is first and primarily a medium of exchange. They do not understand that all market based monies must evolve through a store of value phase first, before they can be suitable as a MoE.

2018-08-20 | Full Review


Yeah, because Dash is trash. 😀

2018-01-10 | Full Review


All private transactions. More tested privacy tech [than Zcash]. No tax on miners to pay investors. No high inflation . . . better investment.

2017-09-29 | Full Review


The investment case for Ethereum (ETH) is that it will become the most liquid token in a digital economy built atop a Turing-complete decentralized computer that can execute smart contracts.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


Tether is the bastard child of global capital controls.

(If USD could be traded easily and seamlessly by everyone, there would be no need for stablecoins.)

2018-10-22 | Full Review


Ethereum has enormous developer interest and the second-largest market cap. It also has characteristics that could make it a good payment network. At a minimum, Ethereum is a likely "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold" status. There are some scenarios where Bitcoin collapses and Ethereum takes over as primary value store.

2017-12-11 | Full Review


Over $20 trillion is believed to be stored in the Cayman Islands and in Swiss bank accounts. These offshore accounts are used due to their discretion and privacy. Digital privacy tokens like Monero and Zcash will subsume this use case over time.

2018-05-02 | Full Review


The most powerful reason for the crash in Ethereum (ETH) is that the ICO market is now largely dead (it being apparent that almost all ICOs were complete scams), and those that did raise capital are trying to liquidate their ETH before their product runway vanishes before their eyes.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


A Bancor wallet got hacked and that wallet has the ability to steal coins out of their own smart contracts. 🤦‍♂️

An exchange is not decentralized if it can lose customer funds OR if it can freeze customer funds. Bancor can do BOTH. It's a false sense of decentralization.

2018-07-10 | Full Review

Be careful with coins that are not dominant in their respective mining algorithm, especially ones that are NiceHash-able. ETC has less than 5% of the total Ethash hash rate and is 98% NiceHash-able. 1-hr attack costs $5k. Almost $500k has been double spent.

2019-01-07 | Full Review


The fact that [hardforking to fund operations] was even considered at all is a HUGE concern IMO. . . . Developers and creators have a lot of influence and they have to be careful.

2017-07-11 | Full Review

Bitcoin Gold got 51% attacked. Miners have no issue with attacking BTG because if it dies, they could easily switch to mine another coin that also uses Equihash POW.

2018-05-24 | Full Review


I was adamantly against the DAO hard fork for this moral hazard reason [of having previously hard forked to resolve a hack]. Ethereum is no longer unstoppable code as advertised on their website. How much in $/% is enough to do a [hard fork]? And who gets to decide? No longer uncensorable payments.

2017-11-07 | Full Review