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Paul Sztorc is the Director of Research at Tierion, a blockchain proof engine for businesses. He was formerly Chief Scientist at Truthcoin and an Economist at Bloq.


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Ethereum is a Turing-Complete cryptocurrency that serves as a platform for programmable smart contracts.

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    Ethereum has been injected with a lot of money, talent, [and] good risk over the last 2 years, which has vastly improved its quality. But it is still a nonsense premise and, as an investment, no one has addressed [the] main problem of Bitcoin imitation, either through soft fork or sidechain.

    2018-01-08 | Full Review


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    Putting software “on a blockchain” is an inconvenience, justified only in cases involving a global public ledger. These ledger-cases are likely to be limited to Money, Reputation, and Names. This limitation suggests that other “[distributed autonomous communities]” are not economically viable, and Ethereum may be “a solution in search of a problem.”

    2014-11-28 | Full Review

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Not that I mind other people trying, but there is extreme deception in Augur. Their "March 2018" whitepaper is basically just mine plus a bunch of bizarre decisions.

2018-05-11 | Full Review


No one ever got around to solving Ripple's biggest incentive problem: the fact that one group controls *nearly all* of the XRP.

What a hot potato that is!! All of the controllers will eventually be cashing out, abandoning the project and fleeing for their lives.

In contrast, Federal Reserve Notes were at least a hard fork of the gold blockchain, so to speak.

And BTC, each are created as different small accounts (max size ~50) with an unknown owner.

2017-12-30 | Full Review


1. Tether is a company, not a stablecoin/bitUSD. It might as well be Mt. Gox credits.
2. It's a huge black swan risk that won't be "obvious" until after a blowup.

2017-12-16 | Full Review

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The best venture investment of the last three years wasn't a venture deal. Ethereum — 750x, liquid, and open to all.

2017-06-02 | Full Review


I have often said that Ethereum is doing it right throughout the DAO fork, and Bitcoin devs, with their fetishistic dependence on "the longest chain," their inability to change ancient code, and their obvious conflicts of interest, are on weak ground.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Every 10-15 years, there’s a major new transition. . . . To me, Ethereum is the most important technology of the decade, for sure. I don’t even think it’s going to be questionable.

2018-04-19 | Full Review

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