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Paul Sztorc is the Director of Research at Tierion, a blockchain proof engine for businesses. He was formerly Chief Scientist at Truthcoin and an Economist at Bloq.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Augur Director of Research at Tierion

    Not that I mind other people trying, but there is extreme deception in Augur. Their "March 2018" whitepaper is basically just mine plus a bunch of bizarre decisions.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Ethereum Director of Research at Tierion

    Ethereum has been injected with a lot of money, talent, [and] good risk over the last 2 years, which has vastly improved its quality. But it is still a nonsense premise and, as an investment, no one has addressed [the] main problem of Bitcoin imitation, either through soft fork or sidechain.

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  • Paul Sztorc on XRP Director of Research at Tierion

    No one ever got around to solving Ripple's biggest incentive problem: the fact that one group controls *nearly all* of the XRP.

    What a hot potato that is!! All of the controllers will eventually be cashing out, abandoning the project and fleeing for their lives.

    In contrast, Federal Reserve Notes were at least a hard fork of the gold blockchain, so to speak.

    And BTC, each are created as different small accounts (max size ~50) with an unknown owner.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Tether Director of Research at Tierion

    1. Tether is a company, not a stablecoin/bitUSD. It might as well be Mt. Gox credits.
    2. It's a huge black swan risk that won't be "obvious" until after a blowup.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Bitcoin Cash Director of Research at Tierion

    I disagree with [the] BCH dev strategy [of developing BCH independently] . . . instead, I would have just kept copying BTC code, weird/disagreeable elements included.

    Some of their changes make backporting [BTC code improvements] much harder for no apparent reason. . . . Not good.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Zcash Director of Research at Tierion

    I think Zcash is an interesting and valuable Bitcoin testnet. I don't expect any sustainable investment. It may replace Litecoin as BitLaundry.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Chainlink Director of Research at Tierion

    Last I checked, Chainlink did nothing whatsoever to solve/improve the oracle problem. It just punted it away to other people (who each had also done nothing to solve it)

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