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Tony Arcieri is a software engineer, and has worked at companies like Square and Chain. He's currently the president of iqlusion, a company that provides infrastructure for cryptocurrency projects.


Tether is a cryptocurrency that represents real-world assets like the Dollar and Euro on cryptocurrency markets.

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  • 2018
  • Tony Arcieri on Tether President of iqlusion inc

    Tether is kind of like USD, except instead of being backed by the United States government, it was created by a guy who fled the U.S. following allegations of raping children and who claims if he needs more money, he just invents a new token.

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  • Tony Arcieri on Tether President of iqlusion inc

    True to at least some of their words, Tether does provide transparency into their USDT issuances. But if we actually scrutinize them, we find a sort of transparency that is no better than Donald Trump Jr. tweeting incriminating emails.

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