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Tony Arcieri

Tony Arcieri is a software engineer, and has worked at companies like Square and Chain. He's currently the president of iqlusion, a company that provides infrastructure for cryptocurrency projects.

Reviews by Tony Arcieri

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True to at least some of their words, Tether does provide transparency into their USDT issuances. But if we actually scrutinize them, we find a sort of transparency which is no better than Donald Trump Jr tweeting incriminating emails.

2018-01-19 | Full Review


22 days until Monero has Ed25519 bulletproofs. But the real question is, how many days until a critical vulnerability arising from the naive repurposing of Ed25519 β€œref10” arithmetic is discovered?

2018-09-27 | Full Review


I am excited to see how zero knowledge cryptocurrencies like zcash interact with the extant regulatory landscape. I think it’s important to remember that these techniques provide privacy that (IMO) is a *requirement* for *business* use case.....With zero-knowedge proofs, privacy and transparency are very much compatible. You can prove properties of transaction flows in zero knowledge.

2018-07-13 | Full Review


Tether is kind of like USD, except instead being backed by the United States government, it was created by a guy who fled the US following allegations of raping children who claims if he needs more money he just invents a new token.

2018-11-25 | Full Review