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Tuur Demeester is an investor and economist, mostly in Bitcoin. He launched the investment newsletter MacroTrends in 2008. He founded Adamant Capital in 2017.

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Ethereum is a Turing-Complete cryptocurrency that serves as a platform for programmable smart contracts.

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    [A] huge issue that Ethereum has is with scaling. By putting “everything on the blockchain” (which stores everything forever) and dubbing it “the world computer,” you are going to end up with a very slow and clogged-up system.

    By now the Ethereum bloat is so bad that cheaply running an individual node is practically impossible for a lay person. ETH developers are also imploring people to not deploy more smart contract apps on its blockchain. As a result, and despite the claims that running a node in “warp” mode is easy and as good as a full node, Ethereum is becoming increasingly centralized. . . .

    In my view, Ethereum is the Yahoo of our day — an unscalable “blue chip” cryptocurrency.

    2018-12-28 | Full Review

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    I’ve been an Ether skeptic since 2014. I did an interview with Joe Lubin and some other people. My first question was, "What is going to be the utility of Ether?" and they said, "Well it’s going to be a platform for experimentation, and we don’t know yet." But I still have that question today when I look at Ethereum DApps. What can you do there that you can’t do on AWS or a centralized server. . . . My skepticism comes from a place where they tried to cram too much into one layer, and they should have gone for a lean layer instead.

    2018-09-11 | Full Review

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