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Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is an investor and economist, mostly in Bitcoin. He launched the investment newsletter MacroTrends in 2008. He founded Adamant Capital in 2017.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Litecoin Founder of Adamant Capital

    I originally saw [Litecoin] as a hedge against a particular Bitcoin panic; now it's just an altcoin with a reasonable amount of liquidity.

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  • Tuur Demeester on IOTA Founder of Adamant Capital

    IOTA is a bad joke but still has a $4B market cap, 5x that of last summer. ICO market seems frothy still.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Tether Founder of Adamant Capital

    I'm afraid Tether is an accident waiting to happen. I won't be surprised if bank accounts freeze on accusation of abetting with money laundering.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Steem Founder of Adamant Capital

    As I said before, I have serious concerns about STEEM. How is it mined? What's to say there's no hidden "god mode"?

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  • Tuur Demeester on Ethereum Classic Founder of Adamant Capital

    Just bought ETC/ETH — long Ethereum Classic, short ETH.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Decred Founder of Adamant Capital

    I’m skeptical of [hybrid POW/POS systems like Decred]. I’m open to it potentially working, but, to me, Bitcoin is really a mechanism to convert electricity into financial reliability. If you start to inject protocols with some energy and some voting . . . I struggle to see how that’s more efficient or better somehow or creates better reliability than what Bitcoin does.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Dogecoin Founder of Adamant Capital

    Many [altcoins] have a massive lack of credibility. E.g., Dogecoin: joke coin, abandoned by its founder, zero development, market cap of +$1bn.

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  • Tuur Demeester on Bitcoin Founder of Adamant Capital

    BTC/LN [analogy to] TCP/IP

    Bitcoin is becoming a platform—a protocol stack with many features:
    - store of value
    - low trust wealth transfer
    - confidential transactions
    - tokenized securities
    - high volume payment network
    - microtransactions
    - smart contracts / programmable money

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  • Tuur Demeester on Ethereum Founder of Adamant Capital

    [A] huge issue that Ethereum has is with scaling. By putting “everything on the blockchain” (which stores everything forever) and dubbing it “the world computer,” you are going to end up with a very slow and clogged-up system.

    By now the Ethereum bloat is so bad that cheaply running an individual node is practically impossible for a lay person. ETH developers are also imploring people to not deploy more smart contract apps on its blockchain. As a result, and despite the claims that running a node in “warp” mode is easy and as good as a full node, Ethereum is becoming increasingly centralized. . . .

    In my view, Ethereum is the Yahoo of our day — an unscalable “blue chip” cryptocurrency.

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