Chainlink is a network of decentralized oracles. It works as middleware for the blockchain, connecting smart contracts to off-chain data.

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Reviews for Chainlink

  • Eric Wall on Chainlink Head of Research at Arcane Crypto

    [Chainlink is] just a multisig oracle service. Like Provable Things + weighted average. Similar to MakerDAO price feeds. Except they require the dumbest 2017-style ERC20 utility token called LINK for queries, so of course it has a "community"'s just Provable Things + a weighted average? It's like 10 more lines of code. This doesn't need a token, in fact, a different token required to use the system makes this thing embarrassingly overcomplicated and worthless.

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  • Paul Sztorc on Chainlink Director of Research at Tierion

    Last I checked, Chainlink did nothing whatsoever to solve/improve the oracle problem. It just punted it away to other people (who each had also done nothing to solve it)

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  • Nathaniel Whittemore on Chainlink Strategy and Communications Consultant

    ChainLink feels like one of the more under-rated (or at least, under-considered) projects out there, at least in part because they seem to have been quietly building over marketing.

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  • Chris Burniske on Chainlink Partner at Placeholder Ventures

    Chainlink is the first β€œmiddleware protocol” to cross a billion dollar valuation in this bull market, expect more to come.

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  • James Prestwich on Chainlink Founder of Summa

    Chainlink does not provide oracles in any technical sense. But the prevalence of LINK marines shows that many many people do not know that, and are willing to deploy capital based on the marketing.

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