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Chainlink is a network of decentralized oracles. It works as middleware for the blockchain, connecting smart contracts to off-chain data.

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It's just a multisig oracle service. Like @provablethings + weighted average. Similar to @MakerDAO price feeds. Except they require the dumbest 2017-style ERC20 utility token called $LINK for queries, so of course it has a "community".

2019-07-14 | Full Review


Last I checked, Chainlink did nothing whatsoever to solve/improve the oracle problem. It just punted it away to other people (who each had also done nothing to solve it)

2019-05-26 | Full Review


ChainLink feels like one of the more under-rated (or at least, under-considered) projects out there, at least in part because they seem to have been quietly building over marketing.

2018-08-19 | Full Review


Chainlink is the first “middleware protocol” to cross a billion dollar valuation in this bull market, expect more to come.

2019-07-01 | Full Review