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Adam Back is a cryptographer, and inventor of hashcash, a proof-of-work system for deterring spam. Back is the CEO of Blockstream,


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Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin in August, 2017. Bitcoin Cash increased the blocksize from 1 MB in Bitcoin to 8 MB, in an effort to lower transaction fees.

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    It's a free world. But it's just scammy and borderline fraud for a few promoters and a noticable quantity of new sock puppets to claim BCH is Bitcoin given the reality and social consensus. That's not helpful to achieving the awesome potential of crypto currency.

    2017-12-20 | Full Review

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    I think BCH is getting into short territory. no scalability as no lightning, weak dev team, buggy difficulty, known malleability bugs with well tested fix (segwit) that they intentionally removed, no RBF. pure penny stock speculation, with broken fundamentals & price manipulation

    2017-12-19 | Full Review

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$LEO is a USD denominated corporate bond, with frequent lump sum buy backs. When it's repaid it will hit parity. Expecting LEO to moon is like the joke about expecting USDT to moon. The price relates to interest rate vs market and risk perception (plus interim exchange discounts)

2019-09-03 | Full Review


There is a bug in Zcash where you can ask a node to relay a malformed transaction. It will get rejected but nodes that own or have view keys of shielded address throw an exception and react differently, which you can see. So you can use it to find out which node owns a zaddr coin

2019-09-29 | Full Review


[The] only thing BSV does is make an insecure centralising tradeoff, more centralised even than the insecure tradeoff BCH makes. Plus, [it has] promoters and a thin market. I dumped BCH and shorted it before BSV split so I never had any, or I would dump it too.

2021-01-12 | Full Review

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BCH will never overtake BTC because BCH proponents lack focus. They are multicoiners with diversififed bags.

2018-06-28 | Full Review


BCH has nothing to do with Bitcoin

2018-07-02 | Full Review


You know when a network gets unstable ? When you primitively increase the block size. Taking the easy way out is not a long term solution and will be the downfall of BCH. History teaches us that scaling the right way is always better than scaling the easier way.

2017-12-20 | Full Review

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