Blockstream is one of the largest funders of Bitcoin Core which is the most widely adopted bitcoin node and wallet software.

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  • Pieter Wuille on Monero Blockstream co-founder

    All privacy technology comes with a cost, and unfortunately, Monero (and Zcash) style transactions have a very significant impact on scalability (spent coins db).

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  • Matt Corrallo on IOTA Engineer at Chaincode Labs and Bitcoin Core Developer

    Most of the stuff in this space doesn't get actively exploited. Look at BTCP or IOTA, both terribly, hilariously insecure, and, yet . . . nothing. That doesn't make them secure; it only means there is lower-hanging fruit for people to exploit.

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  • Adam Back on Bitcoin Cash Founder and CEO of Blockstream

    It's a free world. But it's just scammy and borderline fraud for a few promoters and a noticable quantity of new sock puppets to claim BCH is Bitcoin given the reality and social consensus. That's not helpful to achieving the awesome potential of crypto currency.

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  • Adam Back on Unus Sed Leo Founder and CEO of Blockstream

    $LEO is a USD denominated corporate bond, with frequent lump sum buy backs. When it's repaid it will hit parity. Expecting LEO to moon is like the joke about expecting USDT to moon. The price relates to interest rate vs market and risk perception (plus interim exchange discounts)

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  • Adam Back on Zcash Founder and CEO of Blockstream

    There is a bug in Zcash where you can ask a node to relay a malformed transaction. It will get rejected but nodes that own or have view keys of shielded address throw an exception and react differently, which you can see. So you can use it to find out which node owns a zaddr coin

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  • Adam Back on Bitcoin SV Founder and CEO of Blockstream

    [The] only thing BSV does is make an insecure centralising tradeoff, more centralised even than the insecure tradeoff BCH makes. Plus, [it has] promoters and a thin market. I dumped BCH and shorted it before BSV split so I never had any, or I would dump it too.

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  • Adam Back on Tether Founder and CEO of Blockstream

    Of course [the lawsuit against Tether alleging market manipulation was withdrawn] it was nonsense in the first place. Just cause and effect, money is wired in at some time before price goes up. And Tether is the best window into that.

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