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Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin in August, 2017. Bitcoin Cash increased the blocksize from 1 MB in Bitcoin to 8 MB, in an effort to lower transaction fees.

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BCH will never overtake BTC because BCH proponents lack focus. They are multicoiners with diversififed bags.

2018-06-28 | Full Review


BCH has nothing to do with Bitcoin

2018-07-02 | Full Review


You know when a network gets unstable ? When you primitively increase the block size. Taking the easy way out is not a long term solution and will be the downfall of BCH. History teaches us that scaling the right way is always better than scaling the easier way.

2017-12-20 | Full Review


The more I'm reading and talking to people, the higher probability I assign to BCH beating BTC. Still an underdog, but I'm not convinced my assumptions about BTC having the economic majority are still correct.

2017-11-15 | Full Review


To be honest, BCH can compete well against LTC to be Bitcoin's silver. But their arrogance wouldn't let settle for second. Their current strategy is winner take all against Bitcoin, and they will lose because of these reasons:

Perpetual onchain scaling destroys decentralization

2017-11-12 | Full Review


The fundamental flaw in [Roger Ver] and Jihan Wu's economic vision is that they assume that money is first and primarily a medium of exchange. They do not understand that all market based monies must evolve through a store of value phase first, before they can be suitable as a MoE.

2018-08-20 | Full Review


Bitcoin Cash has a bigger blocksize, an incompetent development team, and is trying to co-opt the Bitcoin brand.

2017-12-19 | Full Review


It's a free world. But it's just scammy and borderline fraud for a few promoters and a noticable quantity of new sock puppets to claim BCH is Bitcoin given the reality and social consensus. That's not helpful to achieving the awesome potential of crypto currency.

2017-12-20 | Full Review


I have a lot more nice things to say about Bitcoin Cash community and devs - I want to talk more about the phenomenon of why a lot of early bitcoiners are turning to Bitcoin Cash.

Brad Mills, Analyst at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund

2018-11-09 | Full Review


Any of the top 7 Bitcoin mining pools can already easily 51% attack the Bitcoin Cash chain at any time.

That number will increase to the top 9 pools during the fork as BCH hash is split up among the two competing chains...

2018-11-05 | Full Review


Bitcoin Cash forking into ABC and SV is a Pyrrhic victory for Jihan and Craig, where the battle inflicts such a devastating toll on the “victor” that it is tantamount to defeat.

2018-11-16 | Full Review


PoW is only secure if an attacker can't conceivably amass 51% hashrate. BCH was *never* secure. This hashwar drama is just a symptom of the broader underlying problem. Reorg protections can't fix it. In reality, BCH's best bet is a hash function change or even a switch to PoS.

2018-11-23 | Full Review


Bitcoin Cash is like the dysfunctional, bizarro version of Bitcoin.
- A known fraud is the figurehead
- The intended form of protocol governance is by miners
- Their primary form of outreach is propaganda / brand confusion
- Their origin story is literally a conspiracy theory

2018-06-03 | Full Review


Just heard from another merchant adding BCH.

I think we’ll see a wave of “dropping BTC, customer support costs too high” within six months.

2017-12-22 | Full Review


BCH are the subset of the old Bitcoin culture, in contrast to BTC, did not value trust minimization and are not well governed.

Nick Szabo, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer

2018-11-15 | Full Review


Bitmain is the central bank of BCH. Bitmain has tried to maintain a peg to their reserve currency, BTC, and has failed. Bitmain has failed to keep the peg at 0.15 BTC, 0.12 BTC and recently capitulated the 0.1 BTC level. This is a central bank selling its reserves to keep its peg to another currency. What’s worse, much like a central bank, they’re running out of reserves and BCH will finally float on the market instead of having the artificially inflated value that it has now.

2018-09-10 | Full Review


I disagree with [the] BCH dev strategy [of developing BCH independently] . . . instead, I would have just kept copying BTC code, weird/disagreeable elements included.

Some of their changes make backporting [BTC code improvements] much harder for no apparent reason. . . . Not good.

2018-04-26 | Full Review


12.5% of the BCH block reward is being redirected from miners to "a Hong Kong corporation". This [is being billed] as voluntary, but in reality it is of course a compulsory soft fork. It's worth noting the irony here: BCH, a chain that was born as a reaction to an ideology that claims that soft forks are the only legitimate way to make changes because they are "voluntary" is.... making a controversial soft fork and insinuating that it's voluntary.

The idea here is that miners should be proposing different consensus rules and trying to enforce them by forking off non-compliant blocks, and this will naturally stabilize toward consensus rules that the majority is okay with.

I disagree with this market-for-consensus ideology because it has nasty equilibria and could easily lead to entrenched interests. This miner group seems to respect the concern (after all, BCH largely gave up market-for-consensus for block size too) and made the fund time-limited:

2021-01-22 | Full Review


BCH plans to divert 12.5% of its new block rewards (specifically, coinbase) to funding its developers. Further, the miners will orphan blocks that do not comply with this plan.....There are three unpalatable aspects to this proposal.

First, it's coercive on miners. Practically, the orphaning is a way to force Calvin Ayre to pay. There isn't a single person who cares about Calvin, probably not even his mother, assuming she's alive and has seen his pictures from the Caribbean.

The orphaning will not practically impact any other miners' decisions about which chain to mine on. They will follow their income, and we already discussed how the plan cleverly shifts costs to BTC as long as there's a price/hashrate difference between the tokens.

The second, and substantive, problem is the way the proposal came out of nowhere. Springing such a proposal, with orphaning built in, on a community with no prior discussion was terrible PR and community management.....

Third and final problem is that there are many underspecified aspects to the proposal. Specifically, who will manage the collected funds and how will they be distributed? This is exactly when some much needed community discussion would have been useful.

2020-01-23 | Full Review

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