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Catheryne Nicholson

Catheryne Nicholson is the CEO and co-founder of Blockcypher, a company that provides infrastructure services for companies building on the blockchain.

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  • Catheryne Nicholson on Grin CEO and Co-Founder of Blockcypher

    Imagine what a universally accessible, private, scalable and fungible digital coin could do. Since Grinโ€™s introduction, its developers have enabled capabilities such as Lightning, Schnorr signatures, bulletproofs, Dandelion relay, โ€œscriptless scripting,โ€ and atomic swaps. All these greatly increase the probability of the Grin blockchain being able to address a multitude of use cases that have not been possible with the existing set of blockchains. At the very least, Grin coin may actually fulfill the promise of digital cash.

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