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Dan Morehead is Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment fund focused on Bitcoin and other digital currencies. He's also the Chairman of Bitstamp and on the board of BitPesa.

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  • Dan Morehead on Zcash Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital

    Zcash is Bitcoin plus three enhancements:

    Selective transparency
    GPU mining to prevent centralization
    Potentially more effective governance

    . . . Zcash is the super-set of Bitcoin.

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  • Dan Morehead on Bitcoin Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital

    Countless people must migrate to support family. The cost to remit? An entire month's pay.

    Bitcoin—as a global, free, instantaneous payment rail—will help many expatriate families retain hard-earned income.

    Essentially free and instantaneous to Skype anywhere on Earth—but sending $300 internationally takes days and costs a meaningful chunk.

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  • Dan Morehead on Tether Founder and CEO of Pantera Capital

    Tether is the ultimate fiat currency. (“Latin for "let it be done" the word fiat is a binding edict issued by a person in command.”) Tethers are created out of thin air simply because the owners of Bitfinex/Tether say so. If it was backed by anything they would allow an audit.

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