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Zcash is a cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs to secure anonymous transactions. Zcash has a fixed supply of 21 million coins.

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From a non-TA perspective, Zcash stands out to be the most robust PoW - secure against "consensus attack." And if you look at the 51% attack cost to market-cap ratio, it's substantially more secure than the anything else on this sphere.

2018-07-28 | Full Review


I am excited to see how zero knowledge cryptocurrencies like Zcash interact with the extant regulatory landscape. I think it’s important to remember that these techniques provide privacy that (IMO) is a *requirement* for a *business* use case..... With zero-knowledge proofs, privacy and transparency are very much compatible. You can prove properties of transaction flows in zero knowledge.

2018-07-13 | Full Review


The condition under which criticism makes sense is simple: someone responsible for 50% of the operating Zcash nodes received $0 a month from the founder's reward, and someone responsible for a great many drunken tweets and awful ideas received $300k a month.

2018-07-22 | Full Review


There are some nutcases out there who are worried about Zcash's trusted setup ceremony, which involved six independent sources of randomness, of which only one had to be correct for the setup to succeed.

2018-06-10 | Full Review


The path that Zcash and other next-generation blockchains (Tezos, DFINITY, etc.) have taken is to set up incentives and off-chain governance processes to align early contributors and help guide the project from infancy to adulthood. While this trades off early on with decentralization, it allows for independence, time, and resources to be committed to more intensive research questions.

2018-06-28 | Full Review


I like Zcash because I think private unmediated digital cash is incredibly important for a cashless society. They have more expertise with zk-SNARKs than anyone in the space (not counting the SCIPR Lab). Worst thing about Zcash is they want to call hard forks "network upgrades."

2017-11-30 | Full Review


I own no Zcash because there's barely any shielded wallet support at the moment :(

It seems pointless to use it for transparent transactions.

2018-06-04 | Full Review


If I was doing anything seriously privacy-demanding, I'd probably go for Zcash first.

2018-05-07 | Full Review


Not the only trusted setup-related issue that's been ignored by the Zcash team: the build process broke a month after the ceremony, and Zcash has been ignoring patches to fix even these basic issues.

Highly suspicious that they have zero interest in people auditing the trusted setup.

2018-09-27 | Full Review


The Zcash company is actively pushing to make it easier for everyone - users and exchanges - to adopt shielded txs!

2018-11-15 | Full Review

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