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Edward Snowden was formerly a CIA employee and U.S. government contractor to the NSA who leaked highly classified documents exposing numerous global surveillance programs. Snowden currently lives in Russia where he has been granted asylum.

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  • Edward Snowden on Zcash Former CIA and government contractor to the NSA

    A lot of people wonder why I like Zcash despite the Founder's Reward. Here's a reason: that tax funds a quality team that catches and kills serious bugs in-house before they get exploited. Some other projects learn about bugs like this only AFTER people have lost money.

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  • Edward Snowden on Bitcoin Former CIA and government contractor to the NSA

    I like Bitcoin transactions in that they are impartial. They can’t really be stopped or reversed, without the explicit, voluntary participation by the people involved. Let’s say Bank of America doesn’t want to process a payment for someone like me. In the old financial system, they’ve got an enormous amount of clout, as do their peers, and can make that happen. If a teenager in Venezuela wants to get paid in a hard currency for a web development gig they did for someone in Paris, something prohibited by local currency controls, cryptocurrencies can make it possible. Bitcoin may not yet really be private money, but it is the first “free” money.

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