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Elaine Ou

Elaine Ou is a blockchain engineer at Global Financial Access, a company advises Fortune 500 and blockchain companies around smart contracts, and she's an advisor to ETCDEV. She previously worked as a lecturer at the University of Sydney and also built software trading systems at Aurora Finance.

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  • Elaine Ou on Ethereum Classic Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access

    ETC was the best thing to ever happen to Ethereum. It let us shed a lot of dead weight, so we can get back to work building a censorship-resistant global state machine.

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  • Elaine Ou on Ethereum Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access

    I want the DAO attacker to keep my ether. Self-enforcing contracts are supposed to turn us into sovereign individuals. That means we accept the consequences of our actions, not escape to some alternate reality.

    And even if the current reality is totally unacceptable, why on earth would we create an alternative [in ETH] that rewards people for stupidity??

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