ETCDEV is a leading Ethereum Classic development company that built Classic Geth, the main client for the ETC blockchain. They work full time on many core ETC projects including Classic Geth, Emerald, SputnikVM, and Orbita.

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  • Donald McIntyre on Litecoin Founder of EtherPlan and Collaborator at ETCDEV

    "Success" in blockchains is not defined by more market cap, investors, developers or even users.

    Success is defined by trust minimization, preservation of integrity and strict protection of property and agreements.

    This is why BTC, LTC and ETC are the most successful blockchains.

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  • Donald McIntyre on Tether Founder of EtherPlan and Collaborator at ETCDEV

    If Tether can't just publicly show their bank statements, accounts, signed powers of attorney docs, and executives' authorized signatures against issued tokens, then it's very likely it's a fractional reserve gone *very* wrong.

    Lesson: Trusted third parties are security holes.

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  • Donald McIntyre on Dogecoin Founder of EtherPlan and Collaborator at ETCDEV

    Dogecoin gave a more relatable and funny face to crypto, and that augmented awareness for Doge and crypto in general. It also helped explain what the hell this stuff is. It was all over the media at the time.

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  • Donald McIntyre on Ethereum Classic Founder of EtherPlan and Collaborator at ETCDEV

    [The successful 51% attack on ETC] is a significant setback, but I think ETC still has a unique positioning as a PoW + Turing-complete network with an active community, with sound principles. The question is whether a recovery in the medium or long term is plausible or if the network, unless it grows significantly, is perpetually vulnerable, therefore unusable.

    I think that continuing to build the stack as planned (a secure PoW base layer, with layer 2 sidechains, plus developer tools, continuous efficiency gains, and adding of new features in the long term) will get ETC closer to the long-term vision of a blockchain perfectly suitable for secure decentralized computing.

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  • Elaine Ou on Ethereum Classic Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access

    ETC was the best thing to ever happen to Ethereum. It let us shed a lot of dead weight, so we can get back to work building a censorship-resistant global state machine.

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  • Elaine Ou on Ethereum Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access

    I want the DAO attacker to keep my ether. Self-enforcing contracts are supposed to turn us into sovereign individuals. That means we accept the consequences of our actions, not escape to some alternate reality.

    And even if the current reality is totally unacceptable, why on earth would we create an alternative [in ETH] that rewards people for stupidity??

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