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Emin Gun Sirer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell, where his research focuses on operating systems and distributed systems.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin in August, 2017. Bitcoin Cash increased the blocksize from 1 MB in Bitcoin to 8 MB, in an effort to lower transaction fees.

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  • 2020
  • Emin Gun Sirer on Bitcoin Cash Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    BCH plans to divert 12.5% of its new block rewards (specifically, coinbase) to funding its developers. Further, the miners will orphan blocks that do not comply with this plan.....There are three unpalatable aspects to this proposal.

    First, it's coercive on miners. Practically, the orphaning is a way to force Calvin Ayre to pay. There isn't a single person who cares about Calvin, probably not even his mother, assuming she's alive and has seen his pictures from the Caribbean.

    The orphaning will not practically impact any other miners' decisions about which chain to mine on. They will follow their income, and we already discussed how the plan cleverly shifts costs to BTC as long as there's a price/hashrate difference between the tokens.

    The second, and substantive, problem is the way the proposal came out of nowhere. Springing such a proposal, with orphaning built in, on a community with no prior discussion was terrible PR and community management.....

    Third and final problem is that there are many underspecified aspects to the proposal. Specifically, who will manage the collected funds and how will they be distributed? This is exactly when some much needed community discussion would have been useful.

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  • 2018
  • Emin Gun Sirer on Bitcoin Cash Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell

    Blockchains in general are meant to be used. They're not meant to be sat upon, stored in a vault, in a cage, or to serve as an imaginary store of value... they are valuable because they serve a purpose, and BCH clearly does.

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