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Emin Gun Sirer

Emin Gun Sirer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Cornell, where his research focuses on operating systems and distributed systems.

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I have often said that Ethereum is doing it right throughout the DAO fork, and Bitcoin devs, with their fetishistic dependence on "the longest chain," their inability to change ancient code, and their obvious conflicts of interest, are on weak ground.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Stellar seems designed for value transfer. It's not the architecture I'd use for data-intensive supply chain applications.

2018-07-30 | Full Review


Hilarious. #6 cryptocurrency NEO is just a 7-node system uber the control of a single party, and the code isn't designed to handle even a single, benign failure.... Chances of NEO NOT being broken right now: 0%.

2018-03-04 | Full Review


IOTA has some promising ideas. Its community needs to learn to be better team players though.

2018-04-26 | Full Review


I've yet to see a clever application of AI and blockchains, save for Numerai.

2018-04-18 | Full Review


Total train wreck on Verge involving a 51% attack and a botched fork.

2018-04-05 | Full Review


Cardano is a particular consensus protocol, built around a PoS sybil control mechanism. It is not well-understood enough for people to trust it yet.

2018-07-12 | Full Review

A coin that gets created as a result of human time spent on browsing would be great. Worth taking a look at the Basic Attention Token, which requires browser support, but does essentially this.

2018-02-24 | Full Review


Say whatever you like, EOS achieves higher dramas per second than any other chain.

2018-07-08 | Full Review


Dash is the re-branded dark? Darkcoin was cool. but still, would appreciate pointer to scalability tech.

2015-10-15 | Full Review


There are some nutcases out there who are worried about Zcash's trusted setup ceremony, which involved six independent sources of randomness, of which only one had to be correct for the setup to succeed.

2018-06-10 | Full Review


There is nothing about Bitcoin that makes it a good store of value. That line of narrative is incredibly dangerous. It has been used to sell Bitcoin to the masses who don’t understand where that value is going to come from.

2018-06-12 | Full Review


Blockchains in general are meant to be used. They're not meant to be sat upon, stored in a vault, in a cage, or to serve as an imaginary store of value... they are valuable because they serve a purpose, and BCH clearly does.

2018-10-15 | Full Review


Looks like Siacoin devs soft forked their coin to gain a competitive advantage over a miner manufacturer.

This seems wrong from every perspective: it harms coin security and seems unethical.

2018-01-24 | Full Review


Ethereum Classic experienced a 51% attack, with very large reorgs. There are also rumors of double spends.

A deep reorg is a rewrite of the blockchain, a rewriting of history. As such, it marks complete failure of immutability.

Since immutability is ETC's main claim to fame, this is technically a catastrophic failure.

2019-01-07 | Full Review


Bancor can be gamed by miners, and, even if the miners are naive or benevolent, will always trail the real market. It provides no efficiency guarantee during this discovery process, and will likely waste its reserves on market price discovery. You should think twice before you layer a coin on top of Bancor.

2017-06-19 | Full Review


BSV conclusively showed that a single block can take more than 20 minutes to propagate. It also had a clear case of a miner mining two different blocks at the same height. They are the laughingstock of cryptocurrencies, a coin borne of fraud, social media images and endless bullshit.

2018-11-26 | Full Review


PSA: Bitcoin Gold is a gimmick to create confusion around Bitcoin Cash. Beware of anyone peddling it.

2017-11-06 | Full Review


Satoshi invented a whole family of consensus protocols, [while tthe XRP team] reused a [consensus] protocol so well known, it's called "classical." Satoshi was aware of [the liveness and safety] trade-off, [and] he actively rejected it because classical protocols are too fragile.

2020-01-03 | Full Review

There was never any reason or justification for Telegram to issue its own currency.

2019-10-11 | Full Review


I've been a fan of Monero as well for some time. The turning point was a conversation with the leading expert on the topic, Sarah Meiklejohn, who convinced me that Monero's anonymity may be comparable to Zcash in practice.

2019-11-19 | Full Review