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Kyle Samani is a managing partner at Multicoin Capital, an investment firm focused on crypto. He previously co-founded Pristine, a company that build software for Google Glass.

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Dash is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin that is focused on instant transactions includes privacy features. Dash is hard capped at 18 million coins.

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Dash reviews by Kyle Samani

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    Dash has a pretty epic roadmap …

    2017-12-01 | Full Review

  • πŸ”‘

    Don’t know much about MTL but I’m impressed by Dash

    2017-10-01 | Full Review

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Seems pretty reasonable to me that almost all PoW-GPU coins that aren't ETH are prone to being 51% attacked, at least until ETH moves to full PoS, at which point it's likely to become XMR I think (could be even sooner depending on FFG economics).

2018-05-24 | Full Review


I don't know that much about NEO, but I'm generally skeptical. I also generally don't care for this author but figured I'd share. NEO holders, beware.

2017-12-19 | Full Review


The collateralized model (e.g. MKR, and not Tether) is fundamentally hard to argue against.

2018-05-21 | Full Review

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some chains are setup in a way that either intentionally or indirectly create an incentive to game the gini coefficient.

Mostly PoS & MN chains. Dash for instance requires you to split up funds in 1000 dash chunks to run MNs. Makes rich list look way more distributed.

2018-09-28 | Full Review


Note how the Dash masternode scheme has the effect of artificially pumping dash... which would he really funny if anti-privacy spies are running masternodes, and thus propping up the price!

2018-09-07 | Full Review


Most countries have bank secrecy laws, and access to your account even within a bank is privileged and logged. Dash, on the other hand, exposes information publicly to anyone running a node.

2018-09-08 | Full Review

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