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Dash is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin that is focused on instant transactions includes privacy features. Dash is hard capped at 18 million coins.

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some chains are setup in a way that either intentionally or indirectly create an incentive to game the gini coefficient. Mostly PoS & MN chains. Dash for instance requires you to split up funds in 1000 dash chunks to run MNs. Makes rich list look way more distributed.

2018-09-28 | Full Review


Note how the Dash masternode scheme has the effect of artificially pumping dash... which would he really funny if anti-privacy spies are running masternodes, and thus propping up the price!

2018-09-07 | Full Review


Most countries have bank secrecy laws, and access to your account even within a bank is privileged and logged. Dash, on the other hand, exposes information publicly to anyone running a node.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


Dash sucks, premined, shit privacy. ZEC/XMR far better.

2018-07-20 | Full Review


Dash is not a "privacy-centric cryptocurrency"!! It is a marketing-centric coin.

2018-05-19 | Full Review


At current rates and prices, Dash masternode owners siphon $238m from the network per year. Just a reminder.

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2018-02-23 | Full Review


Yeah, because Dash is trash. πŸ˜€

2018-01-10 | Full Review


Don’t know much about MTL but I’m impressed by Dash

2017-10-01 | Full Review


Dash is not an ICO, it's 1/2 Blokchain, half PoS garbage.

Tone Vays, Derivatives Trader, Content Creator

2017-09-04 | Full Review


dash is the re-branded dark? Darkcoin was cool. but still, would appreciate pointer to scalability tech.

2015-10-15 | Full Review


Dash is compelling. Stable relative to other cryptos, but not "stablecoin" stable. And I do have some concerns about privatesend.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Everything that Dash provides can be built as an application on top of Bitcoin. Never needed to be baked into the blockchain. IMO it was a premature engineering decision.

2018-01-17 | Full Review

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