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Dash is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin that is focused on instant transactions includes privacy features. Dash is hard capped at 18 million coins.

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some chains are setup in a way that either intentionally or indirectly create an incentive to game the gini coefficient.

Mostly PoS & MN chains. Dash for instance requires you to split up funds in 1000 dash chunks to run MNs. Makes rich list look way more distributed.

2018-09-28 | Full Review


Note how the Dash masternode scheme has the effect of artificially pumping dash... which would he really funny if anti-privacy spies are running masternodes, and thus propping up the price!

2018-09-07 | Full Review


Most countries have bank secrecy laws, and access to your account even within a bank is privileged and logged. Dash, on the other hand, exposes information publicly to anyone running a node.

2018-09-08 | Full Review


Dash sucks, premined, shit privacy. ZEC/XMR far better.

2018-07-20 | Full Review


Dash is not a "privacy-centric cryptocurrency"!!

It is a marketing-centric coin.

2018-05-19 | Full Review


Yeah, because Dash is trash. 😀

2018-01-10 | Full Review


Dash is the re-branded dark? Darkcoin was cool. but still, would appreciate pointer to scalability tech.

2015-10-15 | Full Review


Dash is compelling. Stable relative to other cryptos, but not "stablecoin" stable. And I do have some concerns about privatesend.

2017-12-18 | Full Review


Everything that Dash provides can be built as an application on top of Bitcoin. Never needed to be baked into the blockchain. IMO it was a premature engineering decision.

2018-01-17 | Full Review


Dash has a pretty epic roadmap …

2017-12-01 | Full Review


Dash remains fairly active both on the development side and the community development side. The plutocratic “governance” process continues to fund (mostly unproductive) projects with a pool of capital subsidized by 10% of new issuance. On the adoption side, Dash has been redirecting its marketing budget towards buying ads on planes (smart: you literally can’t look away!) and lobbying businesses in Venezuela to accept the currency. I’ll admit it, I’m pretty impressed with the willingness of the Dash community to stubbornly crusade about banking the unbanked… with an asset that exists to facilitate rent-seeking on a massive scale.

Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures and Co-creator of Coinmetrics

2019-01-01 | Full Review

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