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We agree that Ethereum was poorly designed to support practical use cases.

2018-10-23 | Full Review


We don’t theorize about what exists today. We can observe.

We can extrapolate though. Bitcoin has thus far replaced zero currencies per decade. I agree it’s fair to expect that trend to continue

2018-11-10 | Full Review


Bitcoin is aiming to be a store of value. Architectural stability, network security, network effects, decentralization, wide acceptance all matter. It’s currently the best of an imperfect bunch on those characteristics.

2018-01-29 | Full Review


Today I saw an interesting interview with the Kik CEO, in which he explains Kik will be selling tokens in an ICO, and that this will allow them to return some capital to institutional investors. In effect, investors are getting the exit without selling equity & Kik Inc gets an influx of cash they can spend as they choose.

2017-06-29 | Full Review


Ethereum is worth over $100B and liquid, four years after founding.

2018-02-28 | Full Review