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Peter Todd is a cryptography consultant who works on scalability, security, and privacy. He's also a long time contributor to Bitcoin Core.

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Zcash is a cryptocurrency that uses zero-knowledge proofs to secure anonymous transactions. Zcash has a fixed supply of 21 million coins.

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    The reality is bleeding-edge crypto is risky; the counterfeiting vulnerability is the second inflation bug that Zcash has had.

    BTC has categorically worse privacy than ZEC on L1,, but the trade-off is a safer system re: total loss. Had this been exploited, it could have easily been a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    On BTC, an inflation bug is very likely to get caught quickly, even if exploited, because of the transparency. There might be a few days shutdown at worse: awful but survivable even in the worst case.

    2019-02-05 | Full Review


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    Not the only trusted setup-related issue that's been ignored by the Zcash team: the build process broke a month after the ceremony, and Zcash has been ignoring patches to fix even these basic issues.

    Highly suspicious that they have zero interest in people auditing the trusted setup.

    2018-09-27 | Full Review

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IOTA is so batshit crazy they managed to turn a theoretical one-time-signature vulnerability into an actual, practical-to-exploit one.

2018-03-12 | Full Review


"**Yes, the top 0.2% owns over 90% of the tokenโ€™s total supply.** This is more than double BTCโ€™s wealth concentration." (bolded in the article)

So? Tether is a tool to move USD around between exchanges. Why is it bad that a small number of exchanges mainly use this tool?

2018-02-09 | Full Review


Antibailout Ethereum Classic gets its first exchange support: โ€ฆ

Hopefully, other exchanges do the ethical thing, too.

2016-07-17 | Full Review

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From a non-TA perspective, Zcash stands out to be the most robust PoW - secure against "consensus attack." And if you look at the 51% attack cost to market-cap ratio, it's substantially more secure than the anything else on this sphere.

2018-07-28 | Full Review


I am excited to see how zero knowledge cryptocurrencies like Zcash interact with the extant regulatory landscape. I think itโ€™s important to remember that these techniques provide privacy that (IMO) is a *requirement* for a *business* use case..... With zero-knowledge proofs, privacy and transparency are very much compatible. You can prove properties of transaction flows in zero knowledge.

2018-07-13 | Full Review


The condition under which criticism makes sense is simple: someone responsible for 50% of the operating Zcash nodes received $0 a month from the founder's reward, and someone responsible for a great many drunken tweets and awful ideas received $300k a month.

2018-07-22 | Full Review

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