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Peter Todd is a cryptography consultant who works on scalability, security, and privacy. He's also a long time contributor to Bitcoin Core.

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IOTA is so batshit crazy they managed to turn a theoretical one-time-signature vulnerability into an actual, practical to exploit one.

2018-03-12 | Full Review


"**Yes, the top 0.2% owns over 90% of the tokenโ€™s total supply.** This is more than double BTCโ€™s wealth concentration." (bolded in the article) So? Tether is a tool to move USD around between exchanges. Why is it bad that a small number of exchanges mainly use this tool?

2018-02-09 | Full Review


Anti-bailout Ethereum Classic gets its first exchange support: https://np.reddit.com/r/EthereumClassic/comments/4t30qf/bitsquare_will_add_ethc_trading_immediately/ โ€ฆ Hopefully other exchanges do the ethical thing too.

2016-07-17 | Full Review


CT is just one of the things Monero has done; ring sigs are another. Both have trade-offs that Bitcoin doesn't have. For example, it'd be a lot harder to notice a technical failure that allowed inflation in Monero. There's also scalability issues.

2018-07-25 | Full Review


Note how the Dash masternode scheme has the effect of artificially pumping dash... which would he really funny if anti-privacy spies are running masternodes, and thus propping up the price!

2018-09-07 | Full Review


Not the only trusted setup related issue that's been ignored by the Zcash team: the build process broke a month after the ceremony, and Zcash has been ignoring patches to fix even these basic issues. Highly suspicious they have zero interest in people auditing the trusted setup.

2018-09-27 | Full Review

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