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Peter Todd is a cryptography consultant who works on scalability, security, and privacy. He's also a long time contributor to Bitcoin Core.

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  • Peter Todd on IOTA Applied Cryptography Consultant

    IOTA is so batshit crazy they managed to turn a theoretical one-time-signature vulnerability into an actual, practical-to-exploit one.

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  • Peter Todd on Ethereum Classic Applied Cryptography Consultant

    Antibailout Ethereum Classic gets its first exchange support: https://np.reddit.com/r/EthereumClassic/comments/4t30qf/bitsquare_will_add_ethc_trading_immediately/ …

    Hopefully, other exchanges do the ethical thing, too.

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  • Peter Todd on Dash Applied Cryptography Consultant

    Note how the Dash masternode scheme has the effect of artificially pumping dash... which would he really funny if anti-privacy spies are running masternodes, and thus propping up the price!

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  • Peter Todd on Storj Applied Cryptography Consultant

    As for the coins associated with MaidSafe and Storj, there's no reason to think any of this instant confirmation, low-fee, no-mining stuff is Sybil resistant. Sure, it might work if we can rely on the majority of nodes being honest and you not being Sybil attacked, but at best that's certainly a lesser standard of security than Bitcoin offers; at worst it just won't work.

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  • Peter Todd on Dogecoin Applied Cryptography Consultant

    Dogecoin is merge-mined, so the marginal cost to attack it is zero; attacking Monero is much more expensive than that.

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  • Peter Todd on Zcoin Applied Cryptography Consultant

    The Zcoin trusted setup is *really* clever: they reused a pubkey generated 25 years ago for the RSA Factoring Challenge.

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  • Peter Todd on Zcash Applied Cryptography Consultant

    The reality is bleeding-edge crypto is risky; the counterfeiting vulnerability is the second inflation bug that Zcash has had.

    BTC has categorically worse privacy than ZEC on L1,, but the trade-off is a safer system re: total loss. Had this been exploited, it could have easily been a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    On BTC, an inflation bug is very likely to get caught quickly, even if exploited, because of the transparency. There might be a few days shutdown at worse: awful but survivable even in the worst case.

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  • Peter Todd on Monero Applied Cryptography Consultant

    In theory, Zcash has better privacy than XMR; in practice, due to XMR's mandatory privacy, XMR is probably better overall but depends on what exactly you're doing and how.

    Zcash is cooler crypto; XMR is relatively boring. Of course, boring and working is what you want in money.

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