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Stephen Palley

Stephen Palley is a partner at the law firm Anderson Kill. He advises clients developing blockchain applications.

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  • Stephen Palley on Augur Partner at Anderson Kill

    Augur may actually have the right idea, in the abstract -- independent foundation; open source protocol.

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  • Stephen Palley on Tezos Partner at Anderson Kill

    Tezos. My view on Tezos at the moment is that it poodles through legal issues and emerges, maybe slightly scathed, but intact. They have good lawyers defending. Not bullish on class action (damages?). If there is an SEC investigation my guess it is settles.

    Whatever one thinks of how it was built or funded, it’s an existing functional thing with a working ecosystem and community. This is not a centra scenario. And so far no bellicose screaming at the SEC, so probably not a Kik scenario.

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