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Cash App is a mobile payment service developed by Square. Cash App allows you to buy, sell, and send Bitcoin.

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Reviews for Cash App

  • Nathaniel Whittemore on Cash App Strategy and Communications Consultant

    Bitcoin apparently drove nearly HALF of Cash App revenue in Q4! $178m of $361.

    No wonder we're getting BTC emojis!

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  • Matt Odell on Cash App Co-founder of CoinPrices

    New users can now easily use lightning with just Cash App and Telegram. Two apps they probably already have installed on their phone.

    It's custodial so don't use it with large amounts or for private transactions.

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  • Meltem Demirors on Cash App Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares

    The price spread [on Cash App] is terrible.

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  • Ria Bhutoria on Cash App Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets

    Along with crypto-native companies offering bitcoin rewards (Lolli, Fold, Pei, BlockFi, etc), mainstream financial apps like Square Cash using bitcoin as a prize/reward/incentive for using the platform will seriously impact the status quo of fiat/points based rewards

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