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Francis Pouliot

Francis Pouilot is the CEO of Satoshi Portal, a blockchain startup that develops Bitcoin-based financial services and applications.

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Last month the NEM overlords claimed to have developed a system to “tag and freeze” hacked NEM coins. My guess is a block explorer with a blacklist API, not some “Blockchain magic.” But regardless, I wouldn’t want to be them when the DHS and CIA knock on their door concerning Venezuela.

2018-02-22 | Full Review


The stellar platform itself doesn't "sucks" in the same way that the Ripple platform itself doesn't suck. What sucks is that they decided to created a useless and worthless utility token for their financing instead and forced it on stellar users instead of just tech.

2018-09-18 | Full Review

This industry is entirely morally bankrupt. We have to call a spade a spade. $BAT is one of the most obvious ponzi schemes I've ever seen. They raised 36M$ from investors, they claim it is donations, yet the "donation receipts" are traded.

2018-09-04 | Full Review


Litecoin's real only use-case was to be an R&D project for reflecting on and benchmarking security of decentralized timestamps (e.g. @opentimestamps project).

2018-09-21 | Full Review