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Arjun Balji is a software engineer, formerly at HubSpot and Flip.

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I love Augur & prediction markets broadly (they’re one of a few use cases that make sense IMO) but if the Augur team quit a year ago, would anyone be interested? The ICO years before launch? etc.

2018-06-14 | Full Review


Most “utility” tokens have little to no real utility. They’re MoE tokens that’ll see their value collapse, hence the use of various velocity sinks (e.g. a governance or MN/staking rn)..... Not all staking is a velocity sink. Augur and Numeraire are both tokens that I actually think makes sense. W.r.t. governance sinks, 0x is a project that comes to mind.

2018-06-12 | Full Review


The path that Zcash and other next-generation blockchains (Tezos, Dfinity, etc.) have taken is to set up a incentives and off-chain governance processes to align early contributors and help guide the project from infancy to adulthood. While this trades off early on with decentralization, it allows for independence, time, resources to be committed to more intensive research questions.

2018-06-28 | Full Review


I love the 0x protocol—trust-minimized, p2p exchange and a team that regularly ships. Digital securities trading is a great idea.a

2018-10-11 | Full Review